GSD Marketing Interactive Summit
GSD Marketing Interactive Summit
Created 8 months 1 week ago
Organizer Michael Whitehouse
GSD Marketing Interactive Summit
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Timezone: Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Registration ends: Fri, Mar 10, 2023 8:00 PM (6 months 2 weeks ago)


The Concept

Many entrepreneurs have consuming plenty of marketing content. They've watched videos. They've read books. They've attended webinars. They've gone to summits. They've got lots of information, but they're not taking action.


The purpose of this summit is to provide them actionable information which they can take action on immediately. If you're talking to them about creating a brand statement, then they should actually create a brand statement during your presentation. If you're talking about going Live on Facebook, then they should do a Live during your talk.


This is not the Learn About Stuff Marketing Interactive Summit. This is the Get Stuff Done Marketing Interactive Summit.


You may want to provide some theory and context for what you will have them do, but every presentation must include a piece of action that that the audience can take immediately.

In your application, please include in the description of your talk what action your audience will take during your talk. This is both so we know that you will be a good fit, and also so we can use this to promote the event.


The Audience

The audience are entrepreneurs and solopreneurs who are looking to grow their business through various marketing strategies. They are looking for tactics that they can deploy immediately without massive expense or infrastructure.


Most of our audience does not have a large support team, so they are looking for ideas that they can execute themselves without having to become full time marketers.


Your Speaker Experience

This event is produced by Michael Whitehouse, and Michael creates events that a fun, engaging, exciting, and valuable to the audience and the speakers. This is not a watch with your camera off while you do something else event. This is not a drop in, give your talk, and leave event. This is an interactive event!


We want to create an event that you will enjoy speaking at and get value from, so we're open to pretty much anything that will provide value to the audience as long as it has an action item for the audience to engage in immediately. More interaction is always better than less interaction. That keeps the energy up in the room, keeps the audience engaged, and makes it more fun for you.


You are welcome offer your gift (the one you put in the application) during your talk as long as it is low key and not pitchy. Offering good. Infomercial bad.


Event Style

The event will be a live, Zoom-based event running 11 AM to 5 PM Eastern Time.

We're aiming for engagement. We want an event where people feel they are part of something, not where they feel like they are watching a YouTube video.

This means that we'll have interactive activities. It means we encourage interactive presentations.

It also means that we encourage speakers to be there for as much of the event as possible because you'll be making some connections while you're there. (Speakers are required to attend for at least 2 hours of the event)


Schedule Structure

Speaking slots will be 20 minutes including the time for the audience to take the action you are teaching them.

Each hour will be formatted as follows:

0-20 Speaker

20-30 Interaction

30-50 Speaker

50-60 Interaction

The last 10 minutes of each half hour are for interaction, which could be speed networking, hotseat coaching/laser coaching, Q&A, or even an interactive activity.

If you have an activity you'd like to lead in the interaction block after your talk, please let us know ahead of time.



All presentations will be recorded. 


Any speakers who achieve the minimum number of opt-ins (which should be all of you, right?) will have their presentation shared out to the entire list of registrants in the days after the event.


Additionally, some videos may be shared out to attendees or others on my list for various reasons including promoting that speaker's affiliate link or program.


By applying to this summit, you are granting ConCardia, LLC and Michael Whitehouse full and irrevocable rights to all recordings made during the event. These recordings may be edited and deployed in anyway that we choose for the benefit of our audiences.


Speaker Expectations

  • Promote the event and generate a minimum of 10 opt-ins
  • Attend for at least 2 hours in addition to your speaking time
  • Have an action item for the audience to do during your talk
  • Actively engage with other speakers and participants throughout the event



Speakers are expected to generate a minimum of 10 opt-ins. Swipe copy will be provided, or you can write your own copy. If you write really good copy, I'll share it with the other speakers and credit you.


In addition to traditional swipe copy, Guest Letters will be provided which you can share verbatim as a letter from the organizers to your audience.


If you bring in at least 25 opt ins, Michael Whitehouse will promote your affiliate offer to his entire list.


The top three promoters (by total opt-ins) will be promoted to the entire list of attendees and Michael's own entire mailing list, whatever you would like to share (within reason), no affiliate necessary.

How To Have A Strong Digital First Impression & Get More Clients From Online
Bonnie Dickson Visibility Strategist & Photographer

In this brief but detailed presentation, the audience will learn:

  • What a digital first impression is
  • Why it’s important to use planned & curated imagery specific to their business
  • How to have a strong digital first impression online

During the presentation, I will guide the audience through a 5-question Business First Impression Checklist, in order to gauge their businesses' current digital first impression online.

Digital Marketing Photography +1
Gratitude, Laughter and Joy, Oh My!
Carrie Verrocchio International Speaker and Author

Title: Gratitude, Laughter and Joy, Oh My!

Description: How do we reduce stress, increase productivity and live with greater purpose and passion? The answer lies in gratitude, laughter and joy. George Bernard Shaw has stated, "We don't stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing." More play, more gratitude equals greater success. Are you ready to find more joy AND more productivity?

3 Key Take Aways

1. Gratitude brings your life into focus for more laughter.

2. More laughter reduces stress, balances hormones, and makes you smarter.

3. Bringing the Joy also brings the success.

Relax. it's all true


Manage Money Like a BOSS
Christine Luken Financial Dignity Coach

Discover how to make money your best employee rather than your worst nightmare!

Managing money in your business doesn't have to be complicated or hard.  In this presentation, you'll learn three shifts to make in order to have your money work as hard for you as you do for it! 

Financial services
Business Success
How to Create your Marketing Dominating Position in Your Business
Christopher Salem CEO - Business Executive Coach

Most small businesses react to market demand for their product or service.  They build their businesses by serving that demand without putting much effort into long-term planning or marketing.

However, what happens when that demand slows down such with the case in Covid? What happens when the competition sets up a better and more accessible process to the type of product you provide?  How do you keep your offering fresh while growing and sustaining your client base?

The answer is to offer extraordinary value by creating a market-dominating position.

Write Your Book in a Flash with Artificial Intelligence -- ETHICALLY
Dan Janal Book Coach

Artificial Intelligence is the hot topic of the day! How can you take advantage of AI writing tools while still maintaining your integrity and your voice? Come to this session and see how Dan helps his clients outline an entire book in a matter of minutes! Yes, you can use AI and create a book that is original and true to the author's vision. 

Business Health & Well-being +4
Marketing Media +4
The Fastest Way To Turn Your Website Into A Client Generating Asset
Divian Mistry Mr

Most coaches have a website because when you set up a business you ‘create a website' and it sits as an expense instead of being an asset that gets you, clients.


In this fast-action workshop, we are going to work on turning your website into an asset and the top things you can do quickly to make that happen.  You'll work live on creating one of the most important pieces of the puzzle to turn your website into an asset.


By the end of the workshop, you will have got a clear start on one piece of the puzzle and leave with real momentum to turn your website into an asset so you can grow and serve more clients, have more impact and make more money.


This is ideal for you if you…

  • Understand that a website can be one of the biggest client conversion assets in your business when done right
  • You may have neglected to review your website for a while
  • You are focused on quality relationships and quality clients over fan-dangled funnels that treat people like sardines
  • Are coachable
  • Ready to take action and get stuff done in the session! :)
Digital Marketing Website Design
Bite-sized Legal Basics for Brilliant Entrepreneurs (so you can boldly build your business!)
Heather Pearce Campbell The Legal Website Warrior

Have you ever wondered what it takes to build your business the right way so that you avoid some of the biggest legal pitfalls? Does the process of safeguarding your business sound so overwhelming that you haven’t even started? Or perhaps you think that certain (big business) strategies don’t apply to you? Join me in this presentation where I break down legal basics to help you more powerfully lead your business and make the right strategic decisions (from the start).  

Law / Legal
Business Plan Legal Services +1
Journaling for Marketing 101
Jade Francesca Aligned Marketing Strategist

Are you tired of piling up tasks you “need” to do for your marketing without ever really knowing where to start, what to prioritize, or even how to make sure that what you’re doing is ACTUALLY going to benefit your business?


I was tired too. Between all the (sometimes outdated) advice and noise in the online space about marketing and what you “need” to do (e.g. go viral, start your podcast, participate in a summit, make 6 tiktoks a day, do a ton of engagement, contact 10+ new people a day, and I could go on), I felt utterly and completely lost. I tried my best to incorporate several different methods into a “patchwork” type of strategy and hoped for the best — but “the best” is not what happened.


For months, I did not even ask myself how I felt about any of it. I was just going through the motions, adding new tasks to my ever growing marketing to-do list without ever asking myself if any of what I was doing was actually helpful for my business. I assumed it had to be, because I had seen that advice coming from experts. And since they’re experts, they know better, right?


Not always. 


Experts, coaches, strategists — we have knowledge, expertise, and (hopefully) the skills to execute excellent strategies, yes. Does this mean, however, that we know better than you? Not necessarily! YOU are the expert of yourself and your business. We are here to advise you, to guide you, to inform you of what you can accomplish, but ultimately, it is up to you to weigh out your options and see what works best for you and your business. It is not (or at least, shouldn’t be) our job to shove our strategies down your throat and proclaim that the only way you will ever be successful is if you follow a 1-2-3 magic formula that worked for us.


I’m not here to discredit other coaches, strategists, marketers, etc. — I have seen excellent strategies coming from a lot of people in my industry and some of them are actual geniuses. 


Will all of their strategies work for you, however? Of course not. It is absolutely ridiculous to me to claim that a “one-size fits all” formula will bring success to ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE who tries it. Honestly, statistically speaking, that’s just impossible to begin with.


At the end of the day, you are the one who has to live with the strategies you choose to do for your marketing — so if something is not sitting right, something feels super draining or something doesn’t make sense to you, that is an excellent sign that something needs to change. Perhaps you need to do small shift, perhaps you need to gain more knowledge about a certain method so it becomes easier to execute, perhaps you need to find a method you can automate to reclaim your time… or perhaps you need to start something new altogether.


We don’t spend enough time checking in by asking ourselves if this is working for us — so this presentation will be all about Journaling for Marketing 101 (and by journaling, I mean journaling, typing, wondering, talking it out with another person — whatever method works best!) so we can explore how we ACTUALLY feel about how marketing, and what changes do we want to make to make sure our marketing is fully aligned with who we are.

The Non-Icky Marketing Funnel
James Hipkin CEO, Managing Director

The marketing funnel has been around since the beginning of marketing. The marketing funnel has gotten a bad reputation recently because formulaic YouTube tutorials present a bunch of copy-and-paste tactics that, well, look like copy-and-paste marketing tactics. 


In this talk, we'll discuss how to set yourself up for success, and how to tie the pieces together. By the end, you'll have an actionable plan that will break through the noise and draw the right customers to you for the right reasons.


The ideas and concepts can be applied to any set of marketing tactics which is to say, you don't need a big budget to execute a marketing funnel that works. You just need to know how they work to apply the ideas to your business.

Business Marketing
Marketing Business +8
The Success Circle
Laura Posey Chief Instigator

Do you struggle to determine the next step to take to grow your business? The answer is in The Success Circle. This simple, step-by-step process details exactly what to do and when to make more sales, run more effectively, and get it all done… without stress or worry.

In this interactive session, you will discover how The Success Circle works and where your business is on it. You will lay out your next steps to a bigger, better business.

Maximizing Your 30-Second Commercial
Lisa Heintzelman President ~ Business, Sales, & Leadership Coach

To effectively grow your business, 

your message must be consistent, strategic, and focused.


We all hear . . . get out there and network!  Why and how are you investing your time and energy in maximizing your 30-second commercial? Through an interactive discussion, individuals will have the opportunity to craft their 30-second commercial based upon their business goals, target market, and competitive edge with a focus on these results and outcomes: 


  • Identify and reflect upon strategies for making introductions with 30-second commercials
  • Sharing WHY you do WHAT you do and HOW you do it with WHOM
  • Explore strategies for developing relationships and leveraging connections
  • Create a call to action to gain favorable attention and focus on results

Choose to participate and strategically develop and maximize

your core marketing message to drive success.

Business Marketing +2
Communication Business +25
Positioning to Profit Even During Tough Times
Patty Dominguez Positioning Expert

Even in the midst of tough times, there are simple strategies that can be implemented to increase profits. Proper positioning is key to success and this workshop will help to provide insights needed to maximize success. You'll receive greater understanding of customer needs, improved marketing efforts, and clear direction when making business decisions. As a result, you can position your business for even greater profit during difficult times because of what you'll discover in this presentation.