Write a Book:  Learn the NEW way to Grow Your Business and Gain More Customers
Write a Book: Learn the NEW way to Grow Your Business and Gain More Customers
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Organizer Ladey Adey
Write a Book:  Learn the NEW way to Grow Your Business and Gain More Customers
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Want to Grow Your Business and Gain More Customers - Write a Book!

15th-16th November 2021

As part of the Leicester Business Festival


Event includes – Keynote Speakers from the Book Industry, Networking, Author Interviews, and the launch of The Book Academy.


Learn how writing and publishing a book can make you stand out in a crowd, put more money back into your business, give you authority in your sector and increase opportunity for clients to choose you over your competitors. 


There will be an opportunity to join The Book Academy and strengthen partnerships with other business people.

See full schedule below

Monday 15th November


Business Networking Meeting – LinkedIn Group and Guests – Be Successful at Business Networking Online


Ladey Adey - Opening Address



Ladey Adey - Why a Book Crucial to Your Business





Dr. Victoria Wilson-Crane – Director of Innovative Student Learning at Kaplan International Pathways

How the Book, Your Path, Your Way to Successful Networking was inspired and created. 


Kathryn Colas – Founder, Simply Hormones, Author of How to Survive the Menopause without Losing your Mind.

Talk: How to survive the Menopause Book



Shelley Wilson – Book Coach for Women in Business

Talk: Why writing and books are important for business 



Mark Jarvis – Business Mentor 

Why I was inspired to write a book 


David Tonge – Author, Magnofogler and Storyteller, Author of The Lincolnshire Poacher

Talk: The Lincolnshire Poacher


Melanie Smith-Rawlings – Happy Foot Clinic, Leicester Businesswoman and Author of Step on that Corn

Pre-Launch Talk: About Step on that Corn 


Cath Babbington – CoachCath UK, Coach, Teacher and Author of Business Social Media, 10 minutes a day with Coach Cath

Talk: About Business Social Media


Ladey Adey





Victoria Noe – Writer, Speaker and Activist, Author of Faghags, Divas and Moms: The Legacy of Straight Women in the AIDS Community

Talk: A working relationship over and across the ‘Pond’ 


Jeff Glass – Author of Faith Conversations: Develop Your Unique Strengths to Naturally Share Your Faith

Talk: Translating your book into another language


Ladey Adey – Close of Day’s events

Tuesday 16th November


Ladey Adey - Opening Address



Karen Williams – The Book Mentor and TEDx Speaker, Author of Becoming an Authority, Book Marketing Made Simple, Your Book is the Hook, The Mouse That Roars and The Business Book Planner.

Talk: Beyond the book – how to market your book successfully before and after you’ve published it.





David O’Brien – Entrepreneur and Language Enthusiast

Talk: All about words 



Patrick Smith – Outsourced Marketing Director, Chief Executive of Donr Foundations and Author of The Dummy Pass

Talk: About the Book The Dummy Pass



Abbirose Adey – Teacher, Publisher and Co-Author of Little Unicorn Discovers the Dinosaurs

Talk: Why Children’s Book are Big Business





Janie Anderson-Temperley -  Author of The Navistar

Talk: Developing The Navistar


Sue Glover – Former Member of Brotherhood of Man, Author of 12 Happy Angels

Talk: Revising 12 Happy Angels


Katie Goodacre – Author and Illustrator of Miley’s Mind

Talk: The creative process of Miley’s Mind


Sally Hurst – Author of Canine Capers

Talk: The writing and mentoring process for Canine Capers





Claudia Gere - Uncovering Ghost-Writing followed by

Questions to ask a Publisher - Q & A and Networking



Book Academy Launch


Presenters – Ladey Adey and John Loudon


Ladey Adey – Close of Day’s events

Writing Your Book for Children
Abbirose Adey Director for Children's Books

Presentation to authors and potential authors about writing a book for children.
Interview style format.
Further Details to follow

Design Education
Education Literature +1
How I became an author, and how much I love being one!
Cath Babbington CoachCathUK

My mother was a published author and had 3 books under her belt when I was growing up. She passed away many years ago and I'd always wanted to follow in her footsteps and write a book myself.

In 2020 I decided it was ‘my year’ to do so as I was turning 50, a marvelous milestone that gave me the knowledge, time and confidence to get started. I had met Ladey at a networking event and we clicked; just fate I guess.

Hear more on how I wrote my book during lockdown and the benefits its given me!

Business Wellness +2
Who You Gonna Call? GHOSTWRITER!
Claudia Gere Creator, Aspiring Authors Program TM

When the mere thought of writing a book all by yourself is overwhelming, the idea of hiring a ghostwriter can be very appealing. Claudia Gere shares what she has learned as a successful ghostwriter (and the horror stories others have shared), including:

  1. Best reasons for hiring a ghostwriter
  2. Common misconceptions and pitfalls surrounding their role
  3. Questions every aspiring author should ask before hiring one

Find out whether hiring a ghostwriter is the right choice for you and your book project, and if it is, the best path forward for you. 

Business Marketing +1
Book Marketing Book Publishing +1
The Lincolnshire Poacher
David Tonge Mr

David was born in Lincolnshire, within 2 miles of Kirkstead Abbey (as the crow flies). The Tonge family has been farming in the Fens since 1840.

David’s Great-Grandfather and Great-Uncle, along with other local farmers, were instrumental in pioneering the drainage of the area. They put a drainage channel through the area which is now the main road of Woodhall Spa.

David believes if he had been born over a hundred years ago he would been known as the local magnafogler,
an old Lincolnshire term for someone
who invents or innovates. He is keen on developing and investigating new innovations within farming, such as new techniques especially those related to regenerative farming.

He is a proud member of Groundswell, an organisation which provides a forum for farmers interested in food production or the environment to learn about the theory and practical applications of Conservation Agriculture and Regenerative Systems.

David has three children and an Irish Red Setter called Dixie. He is essentially self sufficient on his farm and has chickens, guinea-fowl, pigs and a large vegetable garden, large enough to plough with a Ferguson 135 tractor, so he doesn’t have to dig!

When not giving talks on The Poacher, David can be found reading in his library, out metal detecting or reclaiming materials from old buildings.

David enjoys this quote by Rick Butts, author and speaker, ‘For a person who has never led an army into battle, been elected to higher office, acted in movies or committed a heinous crime, a good book is the way to bridge the credibility gap.’

David would humbly suggest this quote could be applied to him as author of this book, ‘The Lincolnshire  Poacher’.

Beyond the book – how to market your book successfully before and after you’ve published it.
Karen Williams The Book Mentor

When it comes to creating a successful business building book, you need to think beyond your book, and how it is going to enhance your credibility and build your authority and brand, before you start writing it.

This will ensure that you get the outcome you desire from your knowledge, experience and wisdom, and get more success and clients - even before it’s published.

This talk covers:

  • Why you need to think about marketing before you start writing your book
  • Three must dos that will get you focused on the right book first
  • Some top marketing tips that will set you up for success.

This not-to-be missed talk sets you up to get the ultimate success from writing a book for your business.

Book Marketing
How a book increases your business sales!
Ladey Adey Ladey Adey

Ladey Adey speaks on Networking Matters - what makes a great Networker online and off-line, how to have the Perfect Pitch - your One-Minute Speech and The History of Networking.  She has written the first book dedicated to online Networking and is the Founder of World Online Networking Day.

Recent Speaking Engagements:   How to Win More Clients and Customers through Your Networking - The Secret Sauce is in the One-Minute Pitch!

Ladey Adey is a Publisher and an Author and speaks on How to write your book - even if you are dyslexic!  The Stages of publishing and choosing a Publisher.

Recent Speaking Engagements:  Why a Book is Essential for your Business.


Business Leadership +2
Religion Business +10
Relational Business Growth in an increasingly busy world
Mark Jarvis Mentor, Coach, Speaker

People buy from people - it's a phrase we hear all the time, yet we continue to try to sell our products and services. This approach has no choice but to become harder and harder as we are exposed to a global market and our world gets busier. This presentation will show you another way, a way where people are the focus. You will find out how to work with only the right customers and how to get them to introduce and refer to you to even more of the right customers.

The Dummy Pass
Patrick Smith Author

Informal interview about writing my book: The Dummy Pass

I love my family, friends & dogs. Taking care of businesses and business owners is my priority, but in my free time, writing my book is my passion.
Sally Hurst Canine Capers

Informal interview about Canine Capers

Why writing and books are important to business
Shelley Wilson Author and Book Coach

The topsy turvy approach!’ – How I built a career ‘after’ publishing my debut book.

Do as I say not as I do!’ – The right way of using a book to boost business and create opportunities. Visibility for business owners who write a book linked to their services.

Business book awards’ – Becoming an expert in your field.

Write a Book: Learn the NEW way to Grow Your Business and Gain More Customers
Victoria Noe Write a Book: Learn the NEW way to Grow Your Business and Gain More Customers

Victoria Noe is an award-winning author, speaker and activist. Her Friend Grief series recognizes the importance of friendships in shaping our lives. Noe’s HIV/AIDS activism led her to write Fag Hags, Divas and Moms: The Legacy of Straight Women in the AIDS Community, the first book to honor the ways women changed the course of the epidemic. An accomplished public speaker, she has presented at ACT UP/London, The Muse and the Marketplace, and Book Expo America. During the pandemic she has led online writing groups focusing on grief. Noe is returning to her original series, with a collection of stories from people who have lost a friend during COVID (coming 2022).

Student Networking for Future Career Success
Victoria Wilson-Crane Director

Educational innovator, Victoria heads up the Centre for Learning Innovation and Quality at Kaplan International Pathways, UK.