Speakers Showcase
Speakers Showcase
Created 1 month 3 weeks ago
Organizer Julz Vitality
Speakers Showcase
Public Speaking Speaker Promotion Speaker Training
Timezone: Bogota

Event date(s): -

Registration ends: Wed, Apr 30, 2025 9:56 PM (1 year 2 months from now)

Open: Accepting Speaker Applications Until Saturday, 1 February, 9:56 PM

Welcome to The Speakers' Showcase!

Please read all the rules (I kept them brief and simple)

An Interactive Roundtable-format event where speakers and experts get to:

  • Introduce themselves & their business/book/offer to others
  • Showcase their expertise
  • Contribute to themed discussion rounds
  • Provide a gift to others
  • Share the BEST parts of their speaker journey
  • Help others overcome challenges speakers often face
  • Use speaking for growing their business 
  • Growing credibility, influence and PROFITS through speaking
  • Share any industry insights like where to find gigs
  • Share resources such as best trainings to take
  • Networking and create collaborations
  • Dress Code: Dress To Impress, like You Would on a REAL in-person STAGE

The event is complimentary, however, there are some common-sense guidelines you will receive once approved.

We encourage everyone to get to know the host, one another, and be involved in pre-post event activities to benefit to the fullest. Book a call with Julz Vitality (the host) HERE. Connect to Julz on Social Media with 1-click buttons and learn more about other fun stuff she does HERE.