The Confident Parent: Experts Unveil Unique Strategies for Moving Beyond Learning Differences to Remarkable Learning Success
The Confident Parent: Experts Unveil Unique Strategies for Moving Beyond Learning Differences to Remarkable Learning Success
Created 9 months 4 weeks ago
Organizer Florence Callender
The Confident Parent: Experts Unveil Unique Strategies for Moving Beyond Learning Differences to Remarkable Learning Success
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Opening Session
Florence Callender

In this session, Florence covers what to expect during The Confident Parent summit and the power of listening to others with an open mind.

Navigating the Chaos
Bridgetta Tomarchio

In this session, Bridgetta covers how to navigate chaos with curiosity and creativity.

Conquering Overwhelm
Danielle Ralston

In this session, Danielle emphasizes both in- and out-of-the-home methods to effectively overcome overwhelm.

Stress management That Works
Donovan Dreyer

In this session, Donovan covers a unique, proven system of managing stress for both parent and child.

Functional Family Relationships Formula
Dr. Ali Lankerani

In this session, Dr. L tells you how to support your child to reach their full potential through functional family relationships.

Nurturing Healthy Brains
Dr. Natalie Nash

In this session, Dr. Nash tells us how to look at children’s learning from inception and how to nurture their brains so they learn best.

Using Self-Awareness to Move from Control to Connection
Dr. Unnatti Jain

In this session, Dr. Jain talks about how important the journey to Self-awareness and behavior change is, and where it begins.

Closing Session and Next Steps
Florence Callender

In this session, Florence recaps The Confident Parent Summit, covers next steps, and has a special announcement for a live event that will be held next week.

Parenting Teens with Confidence & Respect
Florence Gichuhi

In this session, Florence explains how to move from constant conflict to parenting your teens with confidence and respect.

Taming Parents’ Triggers
Ilona Rubashevsky

In this session, Ilona talks about the importance of figuring out why parents get triggered to do things that are not beneficial to their child’s progress.

The Importance of Open Communication
Jackie Bailey

In this session, Jackie talks about why open communication between parents and children is important.

Self-Care for Family Success
Jan Robberts

In this session, Jan discloses how self development is intertwined with self-care and how to position yourself so your children benefit.

Supporting Men to Parenting Mastery
Jeremy Roadruck

In this session, Jeremy tells men how to have amazing marriages and more engaged children.

Family Government & Relationship Dynamics
Katie Keene

In this session, Katie tells how to structure the family so the children can function in a healthy, whole way… no matter their learning difference.

Vibrant Family Education
Kristina & Herb Heagh-Avritt

In this session, Kristina & Herb share about how to help your child become happy, healthy, and successful throughout their learning years.

Blended Family Dynamics
Rick & Leisa Olson

In this session, Rick & Leisa tell how to navigate unique challenges, maintain unity, pass on values to children, and implement positive discipline in a blended family.

Supporting Children in Their Zone of Genius
Tia Adams

In this session Tia tells us how to make learning fun and in the process help your child find and live in their zone of genius.

Raising Emotionally Resilient Children
Yolanda Alvares

In this session, Yolanda tells us how to foster abundant motherhood and empower resilience in your child.