Coach Success Summit
Coach Success Summit
Created 1 year 4 months ago
Organizer Steve Eriksen
Coach Success Summit
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Timezone: Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Registration ends: Wed, Jan 1, 2031 12:00 AM (7 years 2 months from now)

Open: Accepting Speaker Applications Until Wednesday, 1 January, 12:00 AM

Welcome to the Coach Success Summit

A monthly summit series helping Coaches succeed in business.

Note: this is currently a concept - we are looking for feedback and interest!

We are looking for experts that serve coaches, authors, trainers, and therapists that are looking to grow their businesses.

The content for the Coach Success Summit is focused on the business side of coaching, and can span topics across lead generation, funnels, speaking, event hosting, even going to topics such as accounting and productivity.

So - if your target audience is coaches, authors, experts and therapists, we'd love for you to consider participating.


Next date

The next event is taking place on Thursday, September 8th.

You must have everything submitted by the second Thursday in August.


Why participate?

  • Get your message in front of our audience, with the ability to share more about who you are and what you do. We will promote the summit to our existing audience, as well as use it in our future lead generation efforts.
  • Your talk will be available as a recording to that month's audience, along with future access for anyone who purchases the All Access Pass to get unlimited access to watch past talks.
  • You can share a lead magnet so that interested viewers can sign up to your mailing list.


How it works

On the second Thursday of each month (Pacific time), that session's talks will go live for 24 hours. Anyone can register and view those talks for free.

To participate in an upcoming session of the Coach Success Summit, you must submit a complete application to speak a month before you wish to participate - e.g. if you want to appear in the October session, you must submit your application before the September session.

You'll need to submit:

  • Your personal details, such as Name, Title, Bio, Headshot
  • Your presentation details, such as Talk Title, Topic, and Description
  • Your pre-recorded video presentation (see Video Guidelines section for more details)

Decisions on upcoming speakers will be made by the 1st of the month of the upcoming session.


What do we need from you?

  • A genuine desire to teach something of value to the audience, that they can start implementing into their business right away. This is not a place for pushy sales or teasers with no substance.
  • A commitment to promote the session to your existing audience, through email, social media, and the other channels you use to communicate with them - along with our promotional efforts for each session.
    • Swipe copy and promotional images will be provided
  • An engaging talk that the audience will LOVE - unfortunately, we may not be able to accept all submissions each session, and so we encourage you to bring your best content.
    • If there are multiple applications on a similar topic, we'll work to stagger the content over several sessions to keep variety for viewers and reduce “competition” between speakers. We'll approach this on a case-by-case basis and work with you to find a session that fits with your promotion schedule.
  • A $100 refundable deposit in order to secure your spot in the next session.
    • Your deposit, minus a $25 processing fee, will be refunded provided your video meets the guidelines below and you follow through with your commitment to promote the session.


Video Guidelines

If an application is found to be incomplete or a video not suitable during our review, we may choose to provide feedback and allow you to revise the submission within 48 hours. 

  • Your pre-recorded presentation should be 30-60 minutes in length.
  • The video must not require any editing for content or formatting.
  • Video will be watermarked with Coach Success Summit [CSS] and EventRaptor logos by us.
  • If the video was not recorded specifically for CSS, it must not reference the original event or audience.
  • You cannot show non-consenting participants, e.g. original audience or event host. Please edit out any Q&A or audience interaction.
  • The video must not mention links, such as specific sales offers, lead magnets, or specific links to other websites.
    • A lead magnet can be provided to accompany the video, but without reference to it in order to ensure the video works as standalone and evergreen content.

Note - you will need to give us a non-exclusive license to use your video. We retain the right to use any part or all of the video in other contexts, including in free or paid trainings, in marketing or using it as a resource to our audience - which in turn will increase your exposure. All or some of the recording may appear on public channels such as YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and others.


Interested? Once you have a suitable pre-recorded presentation, hit the “Apply to be a speaker” button and submit your application!

Questions? Email