Why Audiobooks Work
Why Audiobooks Work
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Organizer Ladey Adey
Why Audiobooks Work
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Celebrating Audiobook Appreciation Month

Why Audiobooks Work for Authors, Creatives and Voice Over Artists who are considering recording an audiobook.  

This event will be launching the audiobook Successful Business Networking Online by Ladey Adey and is a joint event sponsored by Ladey Adey Publications and Cats Meoow Productions.

Agenda includes:  Benefits of an Audiobook, Tips on reading your own book or using professional Voice Over Artists for your book.  Which mics or equipment you need if DIY, Interviews with Voice Over Artists and Distribution of Launch of your Audiobook.

Idea for a Children's Book - Let's Talk!
Abbirose Adey Director for Children's Books

In the chat box, send me a message if you have an idea for a Children's Book - no matter what stage you are at: initial concept, half written, ready to go - need audio - then listening closely to the presentations.

Still confused? Let's arrange a discovery call and make your book a reality!

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Should You Narrate Your Own Audiobook
Alison Jean Lester Author, editor, narrator

Alison Jean Lester is the author of the novels Lillian on Life, Yuki Means Happiness, and Glide; the short story collection Locked Out: Stories Far from Home; and the memoir Absolutely Delicious: A Chronicle of Extraordinary Dying. The audiobook for Lillian on Life was narrated by actress Kathe Mazur, but she narrated her memoir herself. She now lives in England, but spent 25 years in Asia, where she worked as a voiceover artist for commercials, corporate videos, cartoons, English-teaching programs, video games . . . everything. 

Finding the Right Voice for Your Book
Craig Hart Executive Producer

Executive producer for Northern Lake Audio and Legacy Radio Theater. Audiobook narrator, author, husband, dad.

The Easy Way to Produce Your Audiobook
Emma Faye Audiobook Narrator & Producer

Hello! I am Emma Faye, I am an audiobook narrator, actor, and founder of Cats Meow Productions, an audiobook production company dedicated to clean reads.

How To Turn Your Book Into An Audio Book - And Avoid The Pitfalls
Jennie Eriksen Founder of Lovely Voice

So you've written a book? How fantastic! But what about people who struggle to find time to read, with a mound of books piling up that are gathering dust in the corner? Many more people are enjoying the medium of audio books that can be consumed in many different situations, meaning the listener have more opportunities to listen to the written word.

Also - a surprising amount of people have difficulty reading, and their primary way to digest new information is to listen.

Yet it's not always a simple as just reading the text of the book. In this talk, Jennie will be sharing some of the pitfalls when creating audio versions of your work, to make sure you get it right the first time.

Distribution and Marketing for your Audiobook
Jess Herring Herring Owner, CEO

Join Jess, CEO of Audiobook Empire, and Emma Faye, Executive Producer of Cats Meow Productions, as they discuss the various methods of getting an audiobook to retail (distribution) and into the ears of listeners (marketing).

Narrators Perspective - The Process and Passion of Audiobooks
Joel Simler Audiobook Narrator

An interview with audiobook narrator Joel Simler, on his process and life as a narrator

Launch of Audiobook - Successful Business Networking Online
Ladey Adey Ladey Adey

Ladey Adey speaks on Networking Matters - what makes a great Networker online and off-line, how to have the Perfect Pitch - your One-Minute Speech and The History of Networking.  She has written the first book dedicated to online Networking and is the Founder of World Online Networking Day.

Recent Speaking Engagements:   How to Win More Clients and Customers through Your Networking - The Secret Sauce is in the One-Minute Pitch!

Ladey Adey is a Publisher and an Author and speaks on How to write your book - even if you are dyslexic!  The Stages of publishing and choosing a Publisher.

Recent Speaking Engagements:  Why a Book is Essential for your Business.


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