LGBTQ+ Art of Love Summit
LGBTQ+ Art of Love Summit
Created 1 year 4 months ago
Organizer Ico Edward Fish
LGBTQ+ Art of Love Summit
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This is an opportunity to share about loving yourself and everything inside of you, loving others and everything outside of you, and loving the all - bringing the inner and outer together to love the whole that you already are.

How to Have Difficult Conversations Without Drama
Anya Newsky Relationship Communication Coach

Why you need to be having 2 conversations, instead of 1, and how to get ready for them so they go as well as possible.

Communication Communication Training +2
Break to Remake - Healing Attachment Wounds Through Relationships
Elowan and Phenix Elowan

Relating is a fundamental part of the human experience, and the way we relate depends upon our Attachment Style which is formed in our first 7 years of life, depending on how much attention and care we received by those around us. We will share an introduction to Attachement styles and systems, how they relate to the nervous system, and how to work with healing these systems in the container of partnership. We'll share from our personal experience of what worked, and what didn't, and help you to explore yourself and your relationships through the lens of Attachment and Nervous System.

The Soul Has Inner Spirits
Francesca Gentille Clinical Shamanic Sexologist

Have you ever thought about who is sleeping or hiding in your head? 

What if the Parts of us we shame or fear on the inside offer a richness and complexity that could lead to greater wholeness?

Francesca Gentille, Clinical Shamanic Sexologist, international expert on the therapeutic use of Tantra, and BDSM in recovery from trauma, artfully guides an exploration into the depths of our psyches with safety, and collaborative consent. 

Engage in a journey to know and embrace your Ruler, Protector, Shaman, Lover, and Nurturer. Calm the inner seas, and navigate life with grace.

Embracing the Messiness
Heather Hester Hester Founder, Chrysalis Mama

When my oldest son came out as gay 5+ years ago, we were shocked. He spent the next 3 ½ years on a terrifying path that included self-harm, suicidal ideation and attempt, dangerous behaviors, and substance abuse just to name a few. We (his parents and siblings) scrambled on a 90 degree learning curve desperately trying to support him and find support for him while searching in vain for education and a way out of the vortex of fear and isolation. Through all of this, the four pillars of Embrace, Educate, Empower, and Love were born. Through the telling of our story, I share tips and strategies that align with these pillars to encourage and support other parents and allies to embrace the beauty in the messiness.

Samson Love Mystic and guide to the mystery

Loving Everything in Direct Relationship

Spiritual Growth Spiritual Development +1