Ico Edward Fish
Ico Edward Fish they/them/theirs
Creating Sanctuary spaces for all alternative lifestyles
Wandering Love Mystic

Ico is the founder of the nonprofit, Enlightened Consent Foundation. They are creating Sanctuary spaces online and offline where people can explore who they are and what they desire without being shamed, blamed, or told that they're bad or wrong.

Ico doesn't care if you're a big burly man who happens to have been born with a vagina, or if you're the most petite, big busted, gorgeous penis owner on the planet! You will feel seen, heard, and loved for who you truly are, not what you were born with.

Ico is here to accept you and show you to own your identity proudly. There is a gift in going into your pain and clearing the shame, been seen, and accepted and loved from an open space. In being accepted and loved by Ico you'll be fully able to embody your own passions and desires and accept all of yourself in your full glory.