Life Beyond Trauma: A Burn Survivors' Summit
Life Beyond Trauma: A Burn Survivors' Summit
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Organizer W Anaiis Salles
Life Beyond Trauma: A Burn Survivors' Summit
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Mission Statement: To share hope and connection with the burn survivor community. So much becomes possible when you feel inspired to share your unique journey. Then support you need knows where to find you and offer more healing resources.

Our Global Summit is designed to assist Burn Survivors in achieving better recovery. We lead family, friends, and support teams to where and how to connect with resources that may be an ideal fit for a long-haul healing process.

Our speakers aim to provide practical support, inspiration, and cutting edge services that are becoming available world wide.

What happens after emergency treatment for burns into long term care? What new care options lead to good long term outcomes in mental health, well-being and functionality?

How does an engaged and supportive community help burn survivors discover life beyond trauma? Regain trust in life? Enjoy healthy, empowering relationships?

Tap into the power of international community to bring every Burn Survivor new and abundant resources, emotional support, best available care, more effective teams and tools for recovery while reconnecting daily life to fun, pleasure, and inner peace.

Opening to Your Wisdom Body
Anaiis Salles Owner

Everything is energy first! So why not learn how to tap into the force of nature that you are? Your Wisdom Body is the living connection between your 15 chakra orchestra of energy flows/frequency/information and all the you experience in your daily reality. A chosen, deliberate, and sustained connection with your Wisdom Body becomes the inner wisdom that is generally thought of as intuition, luck, and even your person guardian angel.

Body Awareness
SVR: Sourced Solutions Essences
Anaiis Salles Summit Host & Healer

Overview of Anaiis Salles' innovative holistic product ‘SVR’ which has proven to accelerated healing in antibiotic resistant skin infections. 


Warning! Presentation includes graphic images of infected tissue.

Healing From Within
How to Create Consistently Restful and Refreshing Sleep
Dilyana Mileva Health Coach

How to create consistently Restful and Refreshing Sleep

Discover how to bring your Inner Calm with you throughout the day so that you can effectively deal with overwhelm and chronic stress and get better sleep.

you will learn...


What is the Vagus Nerve and how activating the tone of the Vagus Nerve can help you with sleep? 


Breathing techniques to help you dial down stress and get to sleep faster.

A process to reduce the mental chatter that might be keeping you awake at night.

Creating An Unbeatable Mindset For Lasting Success & Fulfillment
Dr. Jamil Sayegh Creating An Unbeatable Mindset

In this presentation, Dr. Jamil shares with us tools, strategies, and empowering perspectives to create an unbeatable mindset for lasting success and fulfillment. How we see our world creates our experience of our world. Together let's discuss how you can see life in a whole new way to create the life you dream of. I look forward to being with you soon. All my love.



Health & Well-being Mindset
Holistic Health Confidence
Traditional Chinese Medicine for the Treatment of Burns
Eloise Prescott Owner

Eloise Prescott is a Usui Reiki Master and Teacher. Additional studies through the Master’s Degree program in Acupuncture Medicine at the Won Institute of Graduate Studies where she also learned the practice of “Meditation and Mindfulness” which has helped her to look at the whole person – body, mind, and spirit. 


I have a Master’s in Acupuncture and am licensed by the State Board of Medicine in Pennsylvania; I am certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. 


I treat patients with compassion and dignity using: Traditional Chinese Medicine, Five Element Acupuncture, Japanese Acupuncture, and Korean Four Needle Acupuncture. 


I offers lectures and workshops for corporations:  Reiki, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Mindfulness, and Meditation


How to Enjoy Quality of Life at Any Age
Imee Birkett Healthy Aging, Beauty & Wellness

We all can enjoy a quality of life at any age.  I present tools we can use to nourish our body with nutrients it needs to function the way it was designed and to heal itself.  Let's talk about telomeres, DNA,  and aging. I share four factors that affect our quality of life potential: toxicity, nutritional deficiency, obesity and stress.  I also share science's latest understanding of collagen as it relates to skin, hair, joint, nail health.

What We Have is Not Who We Are.
Jeff Newman What We Have is Not Who We Are

Jeff shares two short videos about what happened in his life, and the stories of others; what helped, what's next. Resourcefulness. Resilience. Vulnerability. Radical acceptance. All these attributes maintain Jeff's focus on fulfillment.

I'd be honored to invite you to my upcoming episode(s) about your perspective on mental health, social support, stigma, and disclosure. I’m attaching my calendar and a short pre-Podcast questionnaire. Please act quickly to “Hold” your day and time. 

Thanks, and we’ll talk soon. Jeff.  

Podcast Calendar-   

Podcast Questionnaire

Health & Well-being
Forgiveness To Freedom
Katherine Vrastak CEO of Sacred Roots Coaching

Life is a GIFT- " Set your VOICE free and allow your light to shine through the darkest time."

Feng Shui Changes Lives: What’s really happening in your space?
Kathryn Wilking Feng Shui Guide

Feng Shui, More Chi and Stress Relief 

An Introduction to the world of Feng Shui: a different way to unblock and shift your environment, ways to
cultivating positive energy in your space and the cryptic messages we send ourselves. If you want something to change, you need to take action: make the shift in order to move forwards.

Healthy Living
Embrace Your Soul Essence! Claim The Gift of Your Life Story
Krystal Hille Owner

My story of how I wrote myself into clarity that it was time to stop putting stories on stage and instead help people improve and share the stories of their lives.

Health & Well-being Mindset +1
Happy Healing: From Grief to Relief
Marie Alessi Owner

Marie will provide you with a different perspective on life. Adversity can be seen as a
stumbling block or stepping stone. Her refreshing take on life is quite opposite from
what society teaches about grief. 

Her unique perspectives provides you with choices, healing, joy and fun. This
is a little insight into her movement “Loving Life after Loss”.

You will be leaving this presentation with a blank canvas and a precious gift!

Health & Well-being
Supported Self Reliance: 3 important Areas of Balanced Wellbeing
Paige Speers Benefits Advocate

I’ll share the areas of life that I’ve learned are key to not only prevention of emotional disorders and medication injury, but also recovery from others like anoxia, with causes ranging from smoke inhalation to blood clots. I’ll also share tips on navigating US Social Security Disability benefits application and what to expect from the process.


Follow Up Strategies
What is the first help you received? What would have been the most helpful follow up for you or your family in your situation?
Paige Speers Summit Co-Host

I’ll share the areas of life that I’ve learned are key to not only prevention of emotional disorders and medication injury, but also recovery from others like anoxia, with causes ranging from smoke inhalation to blood clots. I’ll also share tips on navigating US Social Security Disability benefits application and what to expect from the process.


Health & Well-being
The 6 Amazing Powers You Have That Will Change Your Life
Patricia Stepler Consultant

Presentation Description: The 6 Amazing Powers You Have That Will Change Your Life
Human Beings have been gifted with six powers that most people never develop in their
lifetime and yet when utilized can alter the course of their life. In this presentation you
will learn about these six powers and how to begin to bring them into your life so you
will no longer be a victim, allowing the world to dictate your results, but rather will be in
charge of your life. As a result of this presentation you will be given steps to begin to
develop these Amazing Powers.

Healing From Within
Legal and Identity Theft Vulnerabilities: Burn Survivors, Be Aware
Sandra Lollino The Cause Crusader

Sandra helps families and businesses have added peace of mind, reduced stress and be empowered with affordable legal and identity theft protection services.

Families don’t know what they don’t know. During times of stress, families may not think about vulnerabilities that could cause disruptions, distractions and upsets in life.  Often times these upsets occur without much warning. These upsets significantly impact the emotional and financial well-being of families when they are not prepared to manage them.   

Sandra Lollino shares information about legal and identity theft obstacles that often occur to burn survivors and their families.

  1. What to look out for
  2. Ways to prepare and how to manage these instances when/if they occur.

Although Sandra is not a burn survivor herself, Sandra's mom has burn scars a pot of boiling water accidently spilled on her leg when she was a small child.  Sandra appreciates that everyone deserves to live from an empowered place, including burn survivors and their families.

Self Care: Choosing Vibrancy
Sherri Danzig Self Care Mentor & Energy Medicine

I believe Self Care is at the core of all healing.  It is the most critical focus in order to manifest the life you truly desire. 

Self Care is so much more than a trip to the gym or the spa or even a habit of daily meditation.

Much resistance shows up when I speak about Self Care!  Can you relate to being on a hamster wheel and feeling generally overwhelmed with the responsibilities of life?  Can you relate to not finding the time for Self-Care?

Alas, I have solutions for even the busiest person!

In the time I have, I plan to inspire you to embrace the 3 C’s of recreating a life of choosing your best life which includes perhaps a new perspective of Self Care.  A

Can you imagine a life that is your own making rather than being on the hamster wheel of pleasing everyone but yourself?

Clarity is a necessary start to the path of deep healing.  You must begin with the recognition that you deserve love and affection…most importantly, from yourself.

Courage follows as you take an honest inventory of where you are in your life today. 

Consistency is the 3rd ‘C’ because like any new habit or skill to develop, you need to build the muscle that drives that skill or habit.

In addition to a focus on mindfulness, Self-Care can be a passive practice of improving your physical environment.  I will provide you with a simple checklist to evaluate your level of well-being where you spend the most time – your home.

Isn’t it time to let go of the old stories that have kept you feeling small and stuck?

Prepare to be empowered with a new set of tools for living your most fulfilled life!


Health & Well-being
Healing From Within
Finding Purpose In Trauma: Transform Your Experience Into a Thriving Business
Tara Geraghty-Ellis

This is the tip of the iceberg, as I'm sure it is for you. It was through these experiences and many like them that I vowed to somehow improve the systems that are supposed to help us, but often end up doing the opposite. 

I collaborate with you as you tell me what you need, and I create programs that meet your needs and solve the problems that keep you up at night, as well as ones that get you closer to where you would like to go. I want to support your dreams too.

Business Consulting Empowerment +2