UnMasking Superwoman: The Visibility Summit for Biz Owner Moms
UnMasking Superwoman: The Visibility Summit for Biz Owner Moms
Created 4 months 3 weeks ago
Organizer Donna Chimera
UnMasking Superwoman: The Visibility Summit for Biz Owner Moms
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Registration ends: Thu, Jun 8, 2023 6:00 PM (3 months 1 week ago)


Unmasking SuperWoman: The Visibility Summit for Biz Owner Moms 


Welcome and thank you for your interest in being featured in our upcoming event!

This will be a transformational experience for our registrants due to the targeted and diverse expertise shared by our powerful presenters.

This is also an extraordinary opportunity for you to speak to a “hungry”,  targeted niche of your ideal target audience of Biz Owner Moms.

About Our Audience

Experienced but frustrated Biz Owning Mom who has an established business that is not thriving and she feels it is because she is split between the 2 important roles of business owner and mom. Wearing “the mask” is not necessary. She simply needs the right tools, resources, tips, insights to tap into her personal power and help her realize she can be herself and she can successfully fulfill both roles.


About the Event

Unmasking SuperWoman is a public event that is free to attend. (There will be an opportunity for guests to purchase upgraded VIP tickets.) Because we’re not charging for general admission tickets, we have a limited marketing budget. We are therefore looking for presenter|partners who are excited to share their content and will actively promote the event to their audiences. All of our presenter|partners exponentially benefit by promoting the event to their email list and on social media. Our joint enthusiasm offers each speaker the opportunity to grow your reach by being exposed to a fresh audience of women who really need your expertise and compassion.

  • This 3 day summit consists of presentations from our presenter|partners via the Zoom meeting mode.
  • Presenter|Partners can choose to participate in either a live or pre-recorded interview on a topic that will benefit our audience of Biz Owner Moms.
  • Each speaker session will be 40-45  minutes, which includes time for introductions, your talk, and audience Q&A. The live interaction time offers the opportunity for our participants to connect with each other and learn more about you and your work. 


Registrants will have an opportunity to upgrade to VIP status 

Prosperity V.I.P. Bundle   

  • Lifetime access to all of the interview recordings
  • Audio files for those busy ladies who can’t sit in front  of a screen.
  • Free downloads and “gifts” offered by each presenter/partner

A 50% commission payout will be delivered to those active presenter/partner whose affiliate links connect to registrants who upgrade to the Prosperity VIP Bundle. 

From Confusion to Collaboration - 3 Ways to More Clients, Cash and Community
Abigail Tiefenthaler Co-Founder

Get rid of the overwhelm and confusion of being a solopreneur, stay in your zone of genius and consider new ways to build your business by truly leveraging the power of marketing that attracts and compells through exciting partnerships.

Is Neck Pain Slowing You Down?
Ani Papazyan Pain Resolution Specialist

I love to make my presentations interactive, fun, and informative. Teach attendees self-help techniques that they can use right away, have them feel that living with pain should NOT be their new norm. They can have tools in their toolbox and use when the need rises. Giving them power and choices.

Business Health & Well-being
Health Healing +4
The Entrepreneurial Experiment - Make Faster Progress With Greater Ease
Anke Herrmann The Entrepreneurial Experiment

What happens when you drop doubt, overthinking, fear, worry, indecision, procrastination and overwhelm?

What you’re invariably left with is what creatives know and love as FLOW: Effortless focus, a limitless fountain of creativity, feeling relaxed and joyful, astonishing levels of productivity.

How would that show up in your business?

But how can you just drop all the monkey mind chit chat that gets in the way of effortless creation?

Well ..

Are you up for The Entrepreneurial Experiment? 😉

Less Clutter More Life
Barbara Hemphill Founder, Author, Speaker, Vision Accelerator

Clutter affects our society at every level - our personal lives, our families, our work, our businesses, and the world in general. It seems easy enough to eliminate - just throw it away. If that were true, more people would do it. So what's the problem?

Frequently clutter is an emotional issue.

In this presentation, Barbara Hemphill, founder of Productive Environment Institute, will explore the emotional toll clutter may be taking on biz owner moms, and what they can do about it. Barbara will leave attendees with strategies and resources to help them accomplish their work and enjoy their lives.

Productivity Organizing +12
Empowered Moms: Navigating the Hidden Hazards for Healthy Homes
Caragh O’Brien

As moms, we strive to protect our families from potential dangers lurking in the world. But what if I told you that the most unexpected hazards are silently present right in our own homes? Take the first step to Holistic Family Wellness.

Navigating Anxiety
Cheryl Rising Family Nurse Practitioner

Anxiety is a complex feeling that swells within us and affects individuals differently. Have you ever wondered what you can do daily to impact this area of your life? Numerous lifestyle choices affect this area, sleep, exercise, nutrition, and quality supplementation. Do you eat whole foods or tend to crave processed foods? Do you know how to read the labels and what will impact your energy level and anxiety? Listen to this session, and the information may change your life in the future.

Visibility, Influence, and Profits Your Way
Cindy J Holbrook Cindy J, The Visibility Wiz

Discover …
… How to step into who you are with outrageous confidence to be seen by your ideal audience

… Exactly what to say to motivate your audience to take action, without manipulation, while being true to yourself
… The top money-making activities to create a fun and profitable business that supports your dream lifestyle

Boss Mom Secrets: The Power of Role Modeling to Banish Mom Guilt and Empower Your Kids
Cindy MacCormack Teen Success Coach, Author & Speaker

Are you a busy mom who's also a boss in the business world? Do you struggle with mom guilt and worry that you're not doing enough for your kids while trying to grow your career? Wish you could banish mom guilt and create a more fulfilling life for yourself and your family?

Join Cindy MacCormack, certified life, health & teen success coach for “Boss Mom Secrets: The Power of Role Modeling to Banish Mom Guilt and Empower Your Kids.” In this 30-minute action-focused talk, you'll learn practical tips and strategies for balancing your business and parenting responsibilities while also empowering your teens to succeed. Cindy, a seasoned corporate veteran, businesswoman, and mom, will share real-life examples and actionable advice that you can implement right away.

Here are 3 TAKEWAYS you'll receive by the end of this presentation:

  • Identify the sources of mom guilt and learn how to banish them for good
  • Discover practical tools and techniques for balancing your career and parenting responsibilities
  • Learn how to leverage your success to inspire and motivate your teens to achieve their goals

You'll leave this talk feeling empowered and equipped with the tools you need to take control of your business, your family, and your life. 

Family & Parenting
Unmasking Reveals Your Inherent Superpower

Why do BIz Owner Moms wear masks?

What does it cost them?  How does it affect their bottom line at work? How does it affect life at home?   

How do they ever recognize the woman in the mirror?

We say- “Ditch the Mask!”…………You'll be surprised to understand how life “shifts” when you finally, freely and confidently reveal your inherent super power!

What is the Core of Confident Visibility?

We will explore your perceived visibility blocks:  what you think they are, where they hide and how to use the super power that helps you break through them. 

We each have a secret  “core” that determines how we see and how we are seen by others - Visibility……

Is Your But Too Big?
Donna Chimera Breakthrough Strategist

Too many beautiful, intelligent and talented women feel “stuck” in a relationship, biz path, health scenario etc.  And a hidden hooligan is the big "but" they tell the reflection in the mirror.  This session uses a fun exercise to help you to identify your personal big buts and how to eliminate them.

Business Family & Parenting +3
Business Personal Development +31
How to Move from Control to Connection - Communicating WIth Your Child
Dr.Unnatti Jain Behavior Change Expert | Yoga instructor

Deep relationships occur when you move “from control to connection” identifying your own limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors says researcher and author Dr. Unnatti Jain (Ph.D.). Learn more about the effects of control and the ways of connection through this self-exploratory talk created from facts based on research linked to the speaker's personal journey. Create love and connection by looking at your own reflection.

Why Email Is SO Important for Your Business -- and Ideal for Moms
Ellen Finkelstein

I'll explain the unique value of using email for increasing your revenue – why it's so effective, how to use it, and why it's ideal for busy Moms because you can reschedule everything.

Designing with Your Personality is Marketing
Jennifer Collins Interior Designer

Is your office simply a place you work in? Let's make it more! 

Making the most of your office - for you and visitors - supports you and the work you do, and communicates all that you and your work embody.  Also, Neuroscience has shown that your space impacts your health, so let's make it a place that: 

  • Makes work easy.
  • You WANT to be in.
  • Reveals your personality and tells your story.
  • Fuels you to thrive and inspires you to triumph!
Marketing Holistic Health +1
Timeout for Superwoman: Creating space to reconnect you to what brings you joy
Lisa Headings Expressive Arts Therapist

You are a superwoman that wears many capes throughout your day. You love helping and care deeply about the people and projects in your life, but being all things to all people can be draining. It takes a lot of energy and effort to keep track of which identity you need to focus on -  mom, sister, friend, business owner, citizen, etc. All of that push and pull can lead to burnout. Even a superwoman needs a break once in a while! Being able to recognize when you are feeling unbalanced and need a break before you reach burnout levels is important to your physical and mental health. Learn some simple reasons why creating time for creative expression can help you achieve balance in your life.

3 Secrets For Women Solopreneurs To Attract More Leads on Instagram (And Feel Damn Good Doing It!)
Mishelle Thorpe The Instagram Coach for Coaches

Over 90% of Mishelle’s paying clients come from Instagram! You don’t need to waste time posting daily, waste money on ads, send salesy messages or dance awkwardly on camera in order for Instagram to connect you with more people who need your help. Instead, focus on these 3 simple strategies to get you moving in the right direction.

Business Marketing +1
Help the Media Help You... or How to Get Media Attention Without Committing a Crime!
Orlinda Lusher Enlightentainer

Learn to work with the media in a way that encourages them to tell your story and talk about your organization or business… for free!  Knowing how media markets work is a key to getting your story told. We'll dive into what media producers look for including finding your story, crafting your pitch, writing media releases, preparing for your interview and more in this fun, interactive workshop. You'll learn behind-the-scenes newsroom tips - like the best day and time to get media coverage and how to prepare to present your best self in front of the camera or on radio. You're welcome to ask questions so I can help you, help the media help you! 

Marketing Media +1
Marketing Media +1
How to Unleash the Power of Your Personal Brand: Demystifying the Style Experience
Patty Buccellato RebootYourStyle.com

It's no secret that, as women, we're sending volumes of information with our personal presence.  Didn't get the “style gene”?  Don't know a peplum from a bolero? Short on time, but still want impact?

You don't have to be a fashionista to look great and on point.  Learn to combine comfort with a look that boosts your brand, personality, post-pandemic body, and your bottom line.  Make a brand statement that's true to who you are so you can get dressed with less stress and more confidence & joy.  An authentic style is within your reach! 

Self-confidence Personal Branding
Show Up & SHINE
Renee Brandon Content Strategist

As women business owners, we have so much to offer, but all too often, we hold ourselves back from being seen and heard. We are our own worst critics, and our fear of judgment and criticism can prevent us from putting ourselves out there and sharing our message with the world.

In this presentation, we will explore the power of showing up and shining online. We will discuss the unique challenges that we face in the online space, and provide practical strategies and tips for overcoming those challenges and building a strong and authentic online presence.

We will cover topics such as identifying your unique voice and message, building confidence on camera, leveraging the power of video to connect with your audience, and using social media to maximize your reach and impact.

By the end of this presentation, you will have a greater understanding of the importance of being yourself online, and the practical tools and strategies to help you do so with confidence and authenticity. You will be inspired to take action and share your message with the world, knowing that you have the power to make a difference in the lives of others and grow your business to new heights.

Business Marketing
Social Media Marketing Content Creation +1
Unleashing Your Media Potential: Insider Tips for Mompreneurs
Tara Fogarty-Graziano Emmy Award Winning Producer

Join us for an engaging and enlightening presentation as we delve into the world of media exposure for your business and brand, even if you consider yourself shy of the spotlight. Gain invaluable insights on securing media coverage and increasing your visibility in the most effective and authentic way. Discover the essential strategies and techniques that will empower you to navigate the media landscape with confidence. Gain a fresh perspective from a mom's point of view, as we unveil the key considerations to keep in mind when pitching to the media.


This presentation promises to be filled with actionable tips and expert advice. Embrace the opportunity to gain media exposure and enhance your business's reach, all while maintaining your authentic voice and style. Don't miss out on this empowering event that will equip you with the tools to shine in the media spotlight. 

UnMasking Superwoman Visibility Summit for Biz Owner Moms

At Our Pre-Party-Meet your host Donna Chimera, our Speakers and other Biz Owner Moms who will be experiencing the free virtual summit with you! 

Do you have an established business that is not thriving?

Do you feel it is because you are split between the two 2 important roles of biz owner and mom?

Are you secretly fearing that you could lose your business or your family or your sanity?!

Are you wondering is it even possible to have a thriving business and harmony at home?

Well-this week's summit is the place to meet a whole arena of women who are asking those same questions!

And… we've got a terrific line up of speakers to help answer your burning questions.


This Pre-Party gives you the opportunity to meet other Biz Owner Moms!


Our free online summit will help you to uplevel your business, reduce the chaos at home, and take better care of the woman you are!


Being a Biz Owner Mom can be utterly exhausting and leave you feeling totally alone You love the business you are building but you feel stuck or slipping backwards because you don’t have the visibility, tools and support you need to make it truly thrive.   And You love your family but you feel grumpy and frustrated and well- maybe even resentful that no one at home seems to appreciate your dream and you live in a chaotic fog.  And  you have no time or energy left to take care of the one person who is juggling it all….You!


We’ve got your back! 

Our Presenter Team of Biz Owner Moms and Inspiring Women Leaders are professionals in the areas you need! During the summit, they will share practical tools, tips, insights and strategies that can level up the visibility of a woman’s business without causing chaos at home. 

This diverse team of inspiring business, parenting and self care professionals will be speaking in three tracks:  

Track 1: Increasing the Visibility of Your Business  

Track 2: Reducing the Chaos and Increasing Harmony at Home 

Track 3: Self Care Practices to Reduce Stress and Optimize Your Energy


We can't wait to meet You !           Meet US at the Pre-Party!