God's Compass: A Vision for Christian Pastors & Other Church Ministry Leaders
God's Compass: A Vision for Christian Pastors & Other Church Ministry Leaders
Created 11 months 1 week ago
Organizer Virginia Picart-Backus
God's Compass: A Vision for Christian Pastors & Other Church Ministry Leaders
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Registration ends: Wed, Jan 19, 2022 6:00 PM (7 months 8 hours ago)


I am looking for speakers who are Christian pastors & other church ministry leaders who feel the wind of change for the church that God is directing at this critical time. Speakers who hear the wake-up call of His trumpet & like the sons of Issachar, they understand the times.

 The heart & theme of this summit is that the church should not go back to business as usual because God is doing a new thing. Shall we not know it? Church leaders are crying out for unity & support & to hear a fresh word from God's Spirit. If you are a speaker in a leadership role in the church; have been praying & listening to God's voice during this world-wide pandemic; and have a 30-minute message to share with the church, I would like to invite you to apply to be a speaker at this summit.

This will be a 4-½ hour mini summit with a limited number of speakers. The summit is free for registrants & speakers. Speakers will be allowed to offer a link to a gift for attendees during the summit, (please review the “Gift Description” & “Value of your gift” sections on the application for further details). 

Speakers must also agree to promote this event, & agree to the terms on the criteria for speakers under the “Application Description” section. By completing the application, & being accepted as a speaker in writing by the host, Virginia Picart-Backus, you agree to the terms & conditions of the speakers' criteria for the summit: “God's Compass: A vision for Pastors & Other Church Ministry Leaders”. Thank you for your interest in the God's Compass summit, please be sure to view the criteria first, & then complete & submit an application for review & approval by the host. 

Experiencing God's Radical Abundance of Purpose
Teresa Janzen

God has called his people to make a radical impact on this world, yet many Christians don't know where to begin. Many people are stuck in a less than satisfying routine, or they don't know how to engage a world so diametrically opposed to the Gospel. You will learn how to identify your personal or ministry purpose and how to communicate that purpose with others in an inspiring way. As a bonus, we will discuss how to equip your ministry or congregation to engage their unchurched neighbor. 

Spiritual Growth Abundance +2