Yvonne Silver she/her/hers
Women Entrepreneurs Seeking To Flourish!
Certified: Executive Coach, BANK Trainer, EQ-i, CPHR, Reiki

For Women Entrepreneurs Seeking To Flourish! As the CEO for Women & Wisdom Media, Yvonne E.L. Silver's passion is using the POWER of your WORDS to Flourish in Business and life, by leveraging the research in her bestselling book “Words, Women & Wisdom: The Modern Art of Confident Conversations”. More Sales Mastery, proven Systems, Technology and building Connections - FAST!

As an entrepreneur with over 30 years of business success in 4 countries, training with some of the world's greatest transformational leaders, she is a Communications Expert who helps her Clients have MORE success in business and life. Her wisdom helps women have more Clarity, more Sales Mastery, have Confident Conversations, eliminate Imposter Syndrome, have more Balance in life by finding more ease and flow by monetizing their skills. She helps women move from being a Solopreneur to a CEO also, by hiring and empowering their team with grace, to have more family and beach time. Her Flourish 3-Steps to Business Harmony Program helps women have clarity by Visualizing, Monetizing and Optimizing their business - for massive personal growth.

Professionally she is a Certified Executive Coach, Trainer, EQ-i Consultant, Reiki Practitioner and Chartered Human Resources Professional, with both entrepreneur and corporate business experiences - who has hundreds of hours of personal development which she summarizes in her coaching, programs and books. Learn more at:


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