Wendy Strain
Wendy Strain
Ghostwriter for business owners who want to write books but can't find the words

Incorporating quality storytelling throughout your brand, enables you to attract your ideal clients more naturally, enjoy the process more thoroughly, and highlight your uniqueness more fully.

Wendy is a ghostwriter, editor, writing consultant, and publisher with more than 20 years’ experience in the industry. She works with entrepreneurs, business owners, and consultants to capture their expertise in a book and expand their message so they can succeed faster.

She has academic degrees in English, education and graphic arts coupled with four years of intense independent study in all areas of the humanities supported by more than 2500 articles, 50 books produced as a ghostwriter, several best sellers and university-level textbooks (all under someone else's name), and has raised more than $113 million in grant funding to help primarily green technology companies and other private business initiatives, such as business incubator programs. 

She has a strong desire to share the enjoyment and deep discovery of self and others that can be experienced through the magic of writing. The ideas she’s discovered through her non-fiction work is reflected in her works of fantasy and fiction.