Wendy Jones
Wendy Jones she/her/hers
Best Selling Author Cut to the Core A Guide to Reverse Aging
International best selling author of Cut to the Core

I help women connect at a heart and soul level, encouraging them always, with love and compassion.

Influencing clients to do whatever it takes to become joyous, powerful, confident women, that you were always meant to be.

Ageless wisdom was born from the desire to offer clear, timeless insights, bringing you into focus and crystal-clear clarity adding a sense of meaning to your life, motivating you, inspiring you and allowing you to pursue the life of your dreams.

I give you the magical practical tools and skills to feed your soul and reverse aging while you journey within and bring a newfound richness and beauty to the rest of your life. 

My hope is that you will find this inner journey with me as life-changing as I have, as you cut to the core, and connect with yourself at a deeper, richer level, shedding some light there, and allowing yourself to lighten up and blossom, bearing fruit in your life, for all to see and enjoy.