Wendy Caverly
Wendy Caverly other / prefer not to say
Strategy: Intentional connecting for business success!
BA Political Science and History

Wendy Caverly provides a new, strategic view of intentional connecting for business success. She speaks on why connection is important for long-term value and short term benefit, along with the skills used to enhance the sales and marketing processes. Often delivering her unique view with humor and encouragement. Knowing both introvert and extrovert can adopt this view and make it their own. 

 Clearly defining the four common goals needed to succeed: establishing/maintaining connections. Spotting new opportunities. Attracting collaboration partners and mentors. Building measurable action plans to stay on track while managing frustrations. A high view of these goals referred to as; The Landscapes. 

 With 20+ years of entrepreneurial and networking experience, including political campaigns, direct sales, small business operator, account manager and meeting facilitator, it’s not what you know, but who you know and Wendy provides how-to find, connect and build relationships with the Who.