Eve Voyevoda
Eve Voyevoda she/her/hers
Visual Storytelling | Personal Branding | Camera Confidence

Eve Voyevoda helps coaches, experts, course creators, and founders Find themselves, Brand Themselves and Show up Confidently. With Her Signature Program Visibility Gym, she teaches how to get more conversions with confident business video communication, live, recorded or webinars.
She is the Creative Director, Visual storyteller, and creator of the Brand Your Dream Show.

Her topics are:

  • Overcoming the fear of the camera and getting more conversions with a confident video presentation.
  • Business Branding vs Personal Branding
  • Master Your Personal Brand Online


Brand Your Dream Show guests discuss marketing, business and self-development. In our framework, we discuss Visibility, Authenticity, And the three best tips from the expert. Deep conversation for the nerdy audiences and experts.