Dr. Violeta Garcia she/her/hers
What life would you create if there was no stopping you?
PhD, MEd, Certified Coach

Dr. Violeta Garcia, founded Ecosistema Design LLC to revolutionize traditional workplace systems by assisting women of color through life transitions, guiding them to define success on their terms. Dr. Garcia is a dynamic Executive Coach and Systems Designer with over 20 years of experience in facilitation, training, and coaching. She's dedicated to empowering women of color to unlock their potential to live powerful lives. Her personal experience speaks to the power of understanding your finances for transformational wealth building, with a special focus on women so they can live the life they want. She explores the money mindsets that keep women stuck, afraid, and hold us back. Transformation occurs when we lose that fear and relinquish the power to create as much money as we want to live the lives we want with no regrets.