Vincent Moiso
Vincent Moiso
Founder and President | Entrepreneur | Author | Coach
Vincent Moiso has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in International Relations from the University of San Diego and a Master in Business Administration from California State University in Fullertion. He is bi-lingual, English/Spanish and authored his first published book, How to Survive the Wilderness, in 2021. He has previously been published on-line with several educational courses catering to the construction industry. He has taught business courses at his alma mater, the University of San Diego, where he currently sits as President of the Alumni Board of Directors. Speaking engagements include trade events such as Coverings, KBIS, TISE, Total Solutions Plus, among others. Vincent also holds securities licenses, a life and health license, and a C-54 contractors license.


Vincent is a principal and President of Oceanside Glass & Tile and is also the Founder and President of his own coaching business, VIS Aspire Inc. He recently launched his alter-ego brand SUR•THRIVE•AL GEAR, as well as publishing his playbook for the entrepreneur and the high performer, How to Survive the Wilderness. Last year he collaborated on a new on-line course, the Complete Guide on Developing Tile & Stone Specifications with Architects in partnership with Ceramic Tile & Stone Consultants. Fourteen years of his business career was spent as a principal partner and Vice President in an international tile and stone manufacturing and distribution firm. With an MBA from Cal State Fullerton and a BA from the University of San Diego, Vincent has also taught multiple business courses at his alma mater where he serves as President of the Alumni Board of Directors for the University. He has been a keynote speaker and presenter for industry events such as Coverings, Tile and Stone Expo, Kitchen and Bath Industry Show, Total Solutions Plus, USD School of Entrepreneurship, J Serra HS Business Magnate program and many other events.

Signature Topics

• How to streamline your business by getting more productivity from your people.

• How one digital tool turned a business around. A case study in communication and productivity.

• How culture and communication in a company can keep your people motivated.

• Get the sale by owning your calendar and owning your communication.


This is an example talk for Vincent Moiso

How a Digital Tool and a Time Strategy Can Turn a Business Around
You’ve done your strategic planning so what’s next?
Getting the most out of your Strategic Plan
2 Key Strategies to Help Execute your Plan - applying concepts and strategies from two books, The 12-Week Year by Brian Moran and Leading With Purpose by Marc Koehler 
This presentation is a case study in how I took the 12-week year and combined that strategy with the Lead With Purpose/One-Page Plan digital platform to increase productivity and execute at the highest level in my business, ultimately turning it around to serious profitability. Everything is about results, achievement is the result of actions! Are you asking yourself "are you being productive in your business or just active?" That's the key here. If you're not clear on your vision, brand purpose, and values; if you're not empower and engaging your team; if you don't have a clear path to execute all the planning you do, then this presentation will help move you in the right direction.
Business Leadership +1
Business Plan Business Scaling +2


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