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I help military spouses bloom wherever they are planted

Vanessa is a Digital Nomad with a Master of Science in Administration degree. Career highlights are US government (Peace Corps, US Agency for International Development-USAID, Centers for Disease Control). A military spouse of a retired Marine married for 25+ years with 2 adult children. 


After military retirement, Vanessa and her husband founded a boating ministry giving back to community by offering free boat rides to injured military veterans and their families struggling with PTS (Post Traumatic Stress) focusing on Ocean & Piscatorial Therapy.


When the pandemic hit the world and their boating ministry shut down overnight. They started an adventurous RV lifestyle with used sprinter van exploring national parks, boondocking, and connecting with the benefits of nature to slow down and decompress outside a hectic, overstimulated tech world. 


Vanessa brings her experiences of military life and travel into her coaching world.

As Van Life Girl Coach, she helps Military Spouses striving for a more harmonious marriage and guides anyone interested in learning about or joining the RV community.