Trish Bishop
Trish Bishop
Speaker, Author, Energy Integration Coach (for Corporate Leaders)
Management of Portfolios (MoP, Prince2), Project Management Professional (PMP, PMI), Shaman, Certified Angel Guide (Kyle Gray), Author of 'The Question Journey'

After launching, and taking public, one of the first Internet Service Providers in Canada, Trish quickly found her niche as a ‘translator’ with an exceptional ability to translate business needs into technology solutions. She also discovered early in her career that she is highly intuitive, and then honed that skill into her corporate superpower! She blatantly and seamlessly integrates both the corporate and woo-woo aspects of who she is and attributes this to the amazing success she has had in her career, including developing 6 high performance teams. 

The face of business has fundamentally changed and leadership styles that worked in the past are no longer working. After the initial Covid lockdowns, many people did not return to their previous positions citing no desire to return to the type of leadership they had been previously subjected to. Being away from a toxic work environment, and being forced to look hard at their lives, many are choosing to put their personal and professional fulfillment at the top of their list when choosing where to work. People want to love the work they do AND love where they do it. It is the leader's responsibility to create an environment where people love to come to work every day. Old school leadership styles are no longer a match for today's workforce. The organizations and leaders who understand this will be richly rewarded with both high performance and top talent. 

As an Energy Integration Coach, Trish teaches leaders practical and tactical tools to create massive (and measurable!) transformations for themselves, their teams and their organizations by learning how to read and interpret energetic information (aka intuition!) In addition to being a highly successful Director in IT, including building 6 Project Management Offices (PMOs), Trish is also the author of 'The Question Journey', a Shaman, Empath, Intuitive and Certified Angel Guide. Bring on the woo-woo!