Tracy J Hoffman
Tracy J Hoffman
International Speaker

I have a background working for the National Intellectual Property Office for 13 years, 6 years I was working with training programs in Intellectual Property for Least Developed Countries, we had participants from 14 countries in our groups and I Travelled to many African and Asian countries to host meetings with our partners WIPO, this gave me a good understanding for how important Intellectual Property is in a different context and for small businesses,  how it is working with international groups and the challenges in the music business especially in Africa

during that time I also worked for the Trade union at our office and I helped my members and the management to solve all work-related issues, one of my superpowers in that context was to read situations and people well to be able to help them to communicate in a productive way.

At one of my jobs I had a manager with narcissistic personality traits that was doing his best to make me feel useless, this triggered my interest in avoiding this kind of person in a personal relationship so I interviewed friends about their abusive relationships and also I have scrolled thru hours of videos online on the topic to fully understand it

2 years ago I started my own business, and I made all the beginner mistakes, no niche, spending money on too many courses, trying to do everything by myself, etc.


For more information about my background I posted my link for Linkedin so that you can verify it, I can also be found on all social media and my own website



To better know if I am the right speaker for you I have two questions and the suggested topics depending on your answer


1.What is your target audience? 

These are some areas to address that will be an excellent match to different audiences. I will custom make the topics for your events, and I am happy to discuss any ideas you have.

Small or medium businesses

They need to know more about Intellectual Property, mainly how to protect their brand as a Trademark and manage Copyright.

Medium to bigger businesses

Work-related issues, stress, conflicts, negotiations, leadership could be good topics for them.

International businesses

International business meetings, formal meetings, how to prepare to travel long distances to enjoy your discussions working with many cultures

Music Business

Common mistakes that artist makes that prevent them from making money


Stress, talk to your boss to get the attention you need to be heard and seen, how being mistreated can be a bad compliment.


An outside perspective of abusive relationships, love bombing, blame game and gaslighting, abuse, insight of what's going on, and the need to leave

Starting a business

common beginner mistakes, when it's time to manage your brand as a Trademark and Copyright, shiny object syndrome, serve all and serve none, what is the plan? difference between LLC registration, domain, and Trademark


2. Do you need a formal or informal speaker?

I had done both. When working for the Swedish Intellectual Property office, I did very formal speeches representing my office and even my country Sweden. In that context, it is essential to follow the protocol and remember to address and thank everyone involved in a specific order.

When it comes to informal speaking engagements, I do it all the time for my business, and I used to do it as a chairman for the local trade union for ten years.

My last speaking engagement was at a fair and on the topic "how to release stress and high pressure by treating yourself as your own best friend," and I got a lot of positive feedback afterward.

I have also made one Stand up comedy performance that got lots of positive feedback too, and one year later, some of my friends still mentioned it to me.