Tracy Crockett
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Therapeutic Life Coach, Author: Therapeutic Coaching
MS PSY, CLC, CNC, MS Christian Leadership

Tracy is a Therapeutic Life Coach focusEd on assisting clients in creating space to Heal past present trauma.


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Growing in Self Love

Self-Love is an important factor that guides people to do the things they do.  Self-love will provide the ability to hold compassion, and grace to self when things go happen that are not favorable in life.  Holding the right type of love for self opens up the door to give true authentic love toward others without feeling drained or lacking in love yourself.  

Self-love have several component that are important to having unconditional love for self: self-awareness, self-worth, self-esteem, and self-care. Without a healthy outlook on all 4 of these components, authentic self-love is difficult to maintain.  

We all deserve love because we were created by love.  Not loving yourself affects the way you love others and how love is shown to you and or accepted.  Understand the importance of being aware of how you love yourself and accept others love can be the key to setting you free from a lifetime of hurt.

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