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Tom Beeson is a Life Skills Coach specializing in finances and getting rid of debt. He helps clients use resilient life systems to deal with the best and worst economic times.   

“I struggled with bad money habits and poor life decisions until I became physically sick. Then, through participating in several programs, I discovered what was not working and how to manage my finances in a better way. I became a simplified living coach offering power tools to take back control of money and life! My new debt-free lifestyle is no comparison to what I once was, and I have the greatest hope ever. ”  


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Gas in my chainsaw - Dealing with Emergencies

      I saw a movie where the lead character struggled to find a gas can to fill his chainsaw. He needed to kill all the sharks flying out of a tornado, trying to eat him. Do you have gas for your chainsaw? Your chainsaw kills sharks and cuts down the tree that crashed through the roof of your house. If you lose your job, how long can you survive? Will the next flat tire be the death of you?  

      It is said that every five to seven years, everyone will encounter a big emergency. Major emergencies include a high-dollar car repair, a water heater breaking down, a major house repair, or a bigger disaster, including flooding, tornado, hurricane, earthquake, job loss, and the ever-present sharks in a tornado.  

    The problem with emergencies is that we are never prepared for them. As a result, you can encounter both financial and emotional stress. My talk introduces you to my latest course on dealing with emergencies and keeping them from knocking you off your game. I include three key tips for saving for emergencies. 

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