Tippy Missick
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Neuro-Fitness: Where Mind Meets Muscle

Tippy Missick is a Trailblazer in Neuro-Fitness Training

Tippy Missick leverages her 47 years in the fitness industry to merge traditional training with neuro-fitness, utilizing vibrotactile technology from the Super Patch Company. Her focus is on educating fitness professionals to integrate this technology into their programs, enhancing both physical and neurological wellness.

Core Offerings:

  • Integration of Neuro-Fitness: Utilizing cutting-edge technology for comprehensive wellness.
  • Education for Fitness Coaches: Online courses and workshops on neuro-fitness and business differentiation.
  • Creation of a Neuro-Fitness Niche: Guiding coaches to find unique market positions.

Goal: To launch a Neuro-Fitness Academy that redefines fitness coaching, emphasizing innovation and the mind-body connection.

Tippy is setting new standards in fitness with a focus on neurology, technology, and personal growth for coaches.


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Release That Teenage Mindset

Tippy shares how letting go of her teenage mindset opened up amazing career opportunities never imagined.

3 key takeaways:

  1. Accepting Your Unique Brain
  2. Let go of your past mindset and thrive
  3. Positive Mindset equal positive changes
Health & Well-being
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