Tim Green
Tim Green he/him/his
Build Exceptional Culture, Maximize Potential With Science
BSc. Psychology / Neuroscience

Tim is a 55 year old Canadian who's been living & working in Japan for the past 16 years.  He's a lifelong inventor, perpetual student & proud to be a science geek:-)

It wasn't until he was well into his 30's that he learned he had ADHD,  & even then only because he was doing a case study for a neuroscience term paper on his girlfriend who had adult ADHD.  In the end, he called his mother and said “ Mum, I think I have ADHD. ", to which she laughed and said ” I could have told you that. "

He now focuses his ADHD creativity on his “ Neuro-Cognitive Leadership Consulting ”.  He applies the what he's learned from his BSc. in Neuroscience, his own experience self managing the challenges of ADHD, 35 years & counting of personal learning & 17 years of teaching to help business leaders solve their most challenging leadership problems.

He uses insights from neuroscience, psychology, and anything else he can get his hands on to help create better leaders & companies.

He's especially passionate about mythbusting the pseudoscience ( fruitloopery ) that pervades many business practices,  training techniques & beliefs about his “ neurokin ” & human potential in general.



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