MSc, Dipl.-Inform. Thomas Poetter he/him/his
Keynote speaker and entrepreneur in IT, especially AI, NLP
CEO, Master of Computer Science/AI

I’m Thomas Poetter from Switzerland. I have 20 years‘ AI, NLP & computer vision work experience, mainly as IT architect. As CEO of the successful startup (IT products and services, mainly around AI/NLP), I offer (co)investments, business contacts mainly in Europe but also in the US Tech industry. We work mainly for US start-ups and European big tech. Our core expertise comprises IT/AI architecture & computer vision. We‘re working also on DLT, intelligent IoT devices and eLearning apps. I look for sales-oriented business partners, investors or customers in general. Currently, we work on these main topics (where we offer R&D partnerships, sub-contracts, co-investment and sales partnerships):

  1. Cybersecurity/SOC (security operations center): Using AI to intelligently detect malware/hackers.
  2. AI consulting including machine learning (ML), deep learning (DL), data science (DS), computer vision (CV), natural language processing (NLP), probabilistic programming, knowledge modeling, text mining, data mining, ...
  3. Intelligent Automation and intelligent RPA (Robotic Process Automation), exploiting synergistically the gigantic recent advances in AI, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Computer Vision, OCR/ICR, IDP, etc.
  4. Autonomous Vehicles: Efficient data transfer/(cloud/Kubernetes) infrastructure, computer vision, navigation, data science, AI/ML.
  5. Intelligent text/web scraping/extraction, NLP (natural language processing)
  6. Intelligent semantic marketing, intelligent real-time internet/intranet advertising + cross-/up-selling, MAP (marketing automation platform), CDP (customer data platform), A/B testing, bandit testing.
  7. eLearning methods and platforms, especially using 3D methods, augmented intelligence, gamification.
  8. Modern effective wellness, fitness, eLearning and weight loss devices/methods.
  9. AI-supported project management: AI-driven Agile (AIDA), I’m finishing a book on this.
  10. Giving the most actionable workshops on flow state – a scientifically proven mental state of optimal performance and creativity - using 3D VR graphics or onsite-training.
  11. Modern efficient inexpensive blockchains/DLT, NFT (Non-fungible tokens), DAOs, content monetization.

I'm happy to accept connection requests and to follow back:

I’m an AI keynote speaker, e.g. at the GCAIA conference:,,

My other speaking topics around AI and efficient team work and project management:

  1. AI-Driven Agile (AIDA): Agile methods: Reducing risks / boosting benefits (Improving the success rates of agile projects)
  2. Dealing efficiently with Different Personality Types in IT Projects - How to avoid/resolve problems, embrace change and create synergies
  3. Taking the guesswork out of Deep Learning: Architecture Elements
  4. Intelligent Automation / Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (IRPA)
  5. Latest insights regarding Business Strategy
  6. Marketing 2.0 that works / AI-based (social media) marketing
  7. Cybersecurity: AI-based Attack and Defense (SOCs, etc.)
  8. Latest working (e)Learning Techniques for School, Studies & Beyond
  9. Big Data / Microservices / Serverless: Versioning for Protocols, APIs and Data
  10. IT Investments/Big Data: Calculating Keep – Modernize – Replace Variants using Numeric Approximation for Nonlinear Technology Waves
  11. Architecture of a Corporate Memory (for Semantic Marketing, Fraud Detection and Credit Risk Monitoring using SAP and Big Data)
  12. Architecture of an Open Source Security Operations Center (OS SOC)
  13. Securing IT/Big Data Systems
  14. Architecture of Autonomous Driving Systems (Efficient Machine Learning cycles like Tesla)
  15. Latest Trends in AI/ML/NLP
  16. Latest Trends in Computer Vision and 3D Object Models
  17. Synergetic Hybrid Combinations of Graph-based 2D/3D Shape Matching / Object Recognition Approaches with Neural Methods
  18. Computer Vision: Semantic 2D/3D Object Recognition Approaches
  19. Deep Learning Architecture Elements for NLP and 2D/3D Object Recognition
  20. Speeding up Solr Queries
  21. Microservices and Big Data/Scalability from Key-Ideas and shocking Perspectives for Architects
  22. Practical Low-Latency Memory-Centric/ In-Memory Computing / In-Memory Data Grids (IMC/IMDGs) with Use Cases
  23. Data Science for efficiently identifying bugs and finishing projects
  24. Using Data Science and AI to make Robotic Process Automation (RPA) more robust and intelligent
  25. Printing money policy to invest in startups / scaleups with great innovative ideas
  26. What needs to be changed to be able to do without structural recessions?
  27. How to educate a child to become a tech savvy and possibly a tech millionaire
  28. Efficient Weight Loss & Fitness / What really is most efficient
  29. Using public speaking or book publishing to market and sell products or services.
  30. The psychological aspects of cooperating in projects, team building and team dynamics.
  31. PerCon Flow, a model for the future of society by applying latest AI/NLP/computer vision/blockchain and 3D/VR/XR technologies: An extension of capitalism with some influences from socialism, resource-based economic models (RBEMs), socio-economic models (SEMs) and latest (team) psychology insights that allows to solve all current challenges and finance the UN SDGs.
  32. Everything about crypto currencies, NFTs, digital art, best blockchains and portals, 3rd generation blockchains, DeFi, smart contracts, risks & opportunities, ...
  33. Potentialism / PerCon Flow: How to upgrade our capitalism and make organizations far more efficient.