JO Welch
JO Welch she/her/hers
Building Your Legacy: Just One Will Away!
Author | Speaker| The Will Fairy

JO, affectionately known as the "Beneficiary's Best Friend," is a dynamic speaker, collaborative author, and proud member of Boss Latinas. With her infectious energy and uplifting spirit, JO brings a whole new level of fun to the table. Her unique approach to boosting self-esteem, creating a lasting legacy, and building generational wealth is not only effective but also incredibly enjoyable.


Drawing on her rich life experiences as a first-generation American with Latina parents and her deep connections within the Deaf Community, JO is a versatile leader who knows how to make personal growth and inclusion feel like a thrilling adventure. As a sought-after speaker and collaborating author with Boss Latinas, she combines her expertise with a touch of playful charm, making every interaction a memorable and enjoyable experience. Get ready to unleash your potential and have a blast with JO, your ultimate ally, and the Beneficiary's Best Friend!