Theresa Thomas
Theresa Thomas she/her/hers
Empowering parents to create healthy kids and happy families
BDEP (Bachelor of Design in Environmental Planning)

Theresa Thomas, is dedicated to helping parents reduce the synthetic chemicals their children and family are exposed to, creating healthier home environments and happier families.  Addressing the key changes to boost immune systems and lower health risks for children, Theresa speaks from her personal experience of a toxic exposure which made it impossible for her to function in the world for a decade.  The knowledge gleaned during Theresa's healing journey of 30 plus years and her fierce concern for children's health inspired the book From Toxic to Green: The New Parenting Guide for Maximum Family Health

Other parts of building healthier families include mindfulness and gratitude practices, good communication and a peaceful living environment. As a Spiritual Connection Mentor, Initiated Elder, Power of Clearing certified coach and Reiki Level II practitioner, Theresa's skills and expertise guide families to bring more love, compassion and caring into their relationships.  

Theresa is interested in speaking both virtually and in person to events for parents, alternative health practitioners, educators, and young professionals in any field as concerns about healthier environments at home, school and work increase.