Deborah Thorne
Deborah Thorne she/her/hers
Do business like a woman…not like a man, She E.O.…not C.E.O.

She is an award-winning, internationally known, author, coach, trainer, speaker. She is the founder of The Leverage Conference for Speakers, Authors, and Entrepreneurs, in its fifth year, happening November 9 - 11, 2023.

Deborah is a connector and opportunity creator. She connects people to people and people to opportunities. For almost two decades, she has been advising and supporting women entrepreneurs.  She advises and supports them to transition from employee to six-figure income-generating entrepreneur.  Her PhD from the School of Hard Knocks, as well as some formal education, allow her to start where people are. She helps her clients reduce their learning curves, saving them time and helping them make more money. By demystifying business principles and systems, she helps them create income-generating businesses, not glorified hobbies. Always encouraging women to do business like a woman, not like a man… She E.O. ...not C.E.O.TM

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