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Let Me Ebonize You

author. Her mission in life is "to ebonize" others, which means to help transform them into greatness. With over 10 years in the music industry combined with eight years of entrepreneurial, leadership, and sales experience, she wants to utilize her knowledge to help others to succeed in their business, brand, and all personal aspects of their lives.


At the age of 30, The Ebonizer has conquered the world of personal development and her "ebonized" messages can be translated into various mediums such as:


  • The Workplace
  • Educational Sector (Middle School- Collegiate Level)
  • Non Profit/Church Sector
  • The Music/Entertainment Industry


The Ebonizer touches on various topics such as Mental Health/Conquering The Mindset, Self-Growth, Stress Reduction, the Law of Attraction, and the list continues


The Ebonizer's goal is to reach out and "ebonize" the masses through her motivational messages.