Isabel Verstraete
Isabel Verstraete she/her/hers
Dare to Care.

Isabel is a keynote speaker, brand strategy expert, podcast host, and author.


Isabel is a multifaceted professional, serving as a keynote speaker, author, brand strategist, and podcast host. Her focus is on guiding companies toward a more compassionate, sustainable, and impactful future through her CARE methodology.

Drawing from her research on successful crisis management, she authored "Does Your Brand Care? Building a Better World with the CARE Principles," which emphasizes the importance of prioritizing CARE for people and the planet in business strategy. 

By implementing the CARE Principles internally, starting with taking better CARE of employees, companies can extend their impact to clients, stakeholders, and the environment through ESG strategies.


The CARE framework is a powerful tool for organizations seeking transformation. CARE stands for Collaboration, Agility, Reliability, and Empathy - four enablers that guide companies toward meaningful change and positive impact. 

Isabel hosts a business podcast in which she invites caring leaders to explain how they take better care of people and the planet by applying Collaboration, Agility, Reliability, and Empathy. 


Isabel is fluent in English, French, and Dutch her mother language.