Mrs Tanya Burger she/her/hers
Special Needs/MINDSET
Hons BED degree in Inclusive Education

Tanya is a family and organizational relationship coach. She helps support children with learning barriers and the parents who take care of them. She coaches functional adults with learning barriers. Tanya is passionate about helping families navigate their way through the challenges of raising a child with learning barriers. As a relationship coach, she deals with MINDSET a lot, self-esteem, self-confidence, and leveling up your mindset. Tanya provides group mindset workshops that effectively give clients proven strategies to help bring about change in their lives. Tanya loves to talk about MINDSET. With just a few strategies anybody can bring about positive change into their lives. Tanya is also the self-published author of her first Young Adult's Fictional novel entitled A Pocket of Potatoes. available on amazon.