Tanner Dalton
Tanner Dalton he/him/his
I unite Athletics and Leadership for a Gospel insight.

Meet Tanner Dalton, a passionate communicator with over a decade of experience reaching the next generation. With a background as a next generation worship leader, Tanner brings a unique perspective to his calling of preaching the Gospel to students.

Having engaged with young hearts through worship, Tanner deeply understands the desires and struggles of today's youth. He has a remarkable ability to connect with students of all ages, making him an ideal speaker for churches and conferences seeking to impact the lives of young people.

Tanner's messages are thought-provoking, relatable, and anchored in biblical truth. His genuine love for young people shines through in every word, inspiring them to embrace their faith and navigate life's challenges with confidence.

As you consider hiring Tanner Dalton, rest assured that his experience as a communicator and worship leader will ignite a passion for Jesus in the hearts of the next generation. His impactful speaking style will leave a lasting imprint, empowering young minds to live out their faith and make a difference in their world. Invite Tanner to your event and witness the transformation that his powerful preaching brings to the lives of students.