Dr. Tamir Qadree
'The Dean of Dynamic Results'
Double Doctoratoral Degree in Metaphysics (Ph.D., Ph.D.)

Tamir Qadree has a Double Doctorate in the field of Metaphysical Philosophy, specialized personal development coaching, mentoring mindset development and research.


Tamir has over 25 years in the arena of personal development coaching, training, speaking and selling success. His success has been in both corporate America as well as the ‘Network Marketing and Direct Selling Industries.’

The Powers of the Mind, Influence and Attraction has captured the minds and imagination of the world over the past 15 years. Tamir Qadree is a leader in the field of this study, and says that, “WE Can All Achieve Dynamic Results”!

He is the author of several books and audio programs. He conducts workshops, 2 day retreats and does one on one, exclusive coaching. His clientele has ranged from millionaires to business developers in the fields of Network Marketing, Direct Sales, Real Estate, Legal, the Medical Professions, and Self-Help enthusiastic individuals, both nationally and internationally.

Also known as ‘TQ’, Tamir carefully guides his audience and clients through the vast field of sales psychology, effective closing skills, prospecting, persuasion mastery and all the necessary communication skills needed in today’s world. He also teaches and demonstrates the connection between ‘The Results the Reader or Listener Gets,’ and his or her ‘Emotional States and Habits.’

Tamir teaches his students how to ‘Feel’ rather than to simply ‘Reason’ everything through. He teaches that, feeling is more about ‘Intuition’ while reason is often about ‘Ego’ and knowledge gleaned from books on one level; but when they are both combined (Feeling and Reason) you have your road map to success and contentment.

Welcome to the world of ‘The Dean of Dynamic Results’