Susie Mackie
Susie Mackie she/her/hers
Interactive presentations to inspire, motivate and transform
First Class BA(Hons), Licensed Mental Toughness Assessor

An award-winning Advocate for Women, Susie, a specialist in overcoming challenge and adversity, empowers career women to become authentically confident in who they are as well as what they do.

Drawing on her personal and professional experiences, Susie speaks from the heart with sincerity and passion. Prepared to use vulnerability as a strength, she uses her own story to illustrate how survival from adversity is a choice we make - a choice we can all make. She challenges her audience, making them sit up and take notice when she speaks.

“Never doubt how much your resilience helps and inspires others.”

As author of two anthologies of real women’s triumph over adversity, Susie’s work has been recognised in national publications and radio interviews.

As a Licensed Mental Toughness Assessor, Susie brings powerful elements of mental toughness into her talks - just one of the tools she uses to enlighten and inspire her audience.