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I help coaches who struggle with anxiety and depression.
CEO of Stackt Digital and Peace & Profit

Stirling helps coaches who struggle with anxiety and depression build a thriving business so they can experience peace and profits.

Hollywood writer and lifelong math nerd turned creative marketer, he is often referred to as a “the authentic CMO in a box.”

His super powers include compassion, cleverness, and XRay vision he uses to find hidden assets in your business he can monetize for you.

He’s really good at galvanizing a team, telling it like it is and scaling your business using 5 day challenges...

He has a wife that loves to roll her eyes at his jokes. They have three dogs, no kids or a mortgage. He lives in Asheville, NC - a quirky, tech-y little mountain city that fits him like a glove.

He is the unicorn marketing partner you’ve been looking for.


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