Sonia Garcia

Sonia Garcia (The Change Queen) mastered the art of leaning into change, adapting, and building something great out of new and challenging circumstances. She became a young single mother while in college. She went on to finish her Master’s degree and have a successful career in Education. She learned that although single motherhood comes with obligations, it also comes with a great gift: FREEDOM. Catch her story in the book, Turning Points. 


Sonia’s Core Values are FREEDOM to design your life, TRUTH in being you, and that LOVE is accepting. Living these values has allowed her to create extraordinary results such as: 


Becoming a homeowner at the age of 20

Obtaining a securities license to become a stock trader

Founding a teen seminar company, “Rise Above”

Starting Field of Dreams, a successful non-profit, currently serving for over ten years

She has created multiple streams of income and investments

Lived several years by the beach, nestled between a Ritz Carlton and St. Regis

Travels extensively

Has lost 50 pounds (3 times!!)

Eloped with a childhood friend within a week of reconnecting


Sonia Garcia is a Certified Hypnotist and NLP Practitioner specializing in the education and coaching of those ready to make a change in their lives. Her two decades of experience with transformational strategies aid her in supporting others.


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