Siobhan Cunningham she/her/hers
I tech women veterans how to launch sustainable businesses.

Siobhan Cuningham, LCSW, is a US Air Force veteran and the Founder and CEO of She is a fierce advocate for diversifying the zeitgeist of the female military experience. She helps women veterans start businesses that continue their mission to serve beyond active duty. She is the creator of the Audacious Leaders and Innovators for Veteran Entrepreneurs Accelerator and 2x International Best-Selling author with four books, including, Leadership Without Borders and 30 Days to Transformation. She is a mentor expert with Powerful Women Today, where she helps startup founders find value in their voices. In 2021, she won the Women Veterans Alliance Small Business Award. She used her network to launch the WeVets, a safe community for women veterans to inspire change with the power of their voices. Featured on podcasts, radio, and live audiences, Siobhan enjoys doing free training on military service, imposter syndrome, and authenticity.