Sherri Danzig she/her/hers
Self Care Can't Be Selfish When Everyone Wins
Self Care Mentor, Wellness Consultant, Certified Speaker


Sherri delivers compelling talks, drawing on her expertise of over 30 years in the wellness field, with a great sense of humor and much personal insight.  Her audiences leave inspired with practical take-aways to shift how they practice and prioritize Self Care. 

Sherri’s focus as a Self Care Mentor and Speaker is to:

Develop an understanding of the limiting beliefs that have prevented you from moving forward in your life.

Have clarity of your top values and feel empowered with a personal mission statement that you are able to use as a GPS system in your everyday life.

Have a renewed confidence that comes from deeply knowing yourself.

Have myriad of tools to raise your vibe and vibrancy in a given moment, regardless of what external challenges you are faced with.

Know how to set goals both personally and work-related that honors your values of balance.