Shed Simove
Shed Simove
SHED SIMOVE - Professional Speaker on Creativity, Innovation, Sales & Marketing


Shed Simove is an entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker. His areas of expertise are ‘CREATIVITY’, ‘INNOVATION’, ‘SALES’ & ‘MARKETING’ and he has twenty years experience in these areas. The presentations Shed deliver cover the topics of ‘Innovation In Business’ and ‘How To Think Differently’, in order to obtain huge future success and directly improve your bottom line. His audio-visual talks interweave stories from his life about the successes (and challenges!) he's encountered in the gift industry and elsewhere, and include the areas of ‘How To Have Amazing & Lucrative Ideas’, ‘Why Innovation Is Vital’, ‘Launching A Product On The Internet’, ‘How Good Design Can Bond You To Customers', 'Guerilla Marketing' and 'Why Creativity Is The New Power'. Shed's talks can be any length you want - they’re usually around fifty minutes, and can be tailored from twenty minutes to an hour, depending on what works best for your event. The presentations he delivers mix humour with ‘business success’ - and have received great testimonials (scroll down for recent tweets): 

And Shed always talks about the content of his presentation in detail beforehand, to ensure it’s exactly what you need, too.

You can see some videos relating to his speeches here:

Please find attached a biog, a couple of articles and some images in case they are useful.

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