Shannon Smith she/her/hers
I help clients connect to their body & intuition | Author

Shannon N. Smith is an International Best-Selling Author, Master Trainer and Facilitator, Professional Speaker, and the owner of SNS Wellness LLC. 

Shannon merges her background in science with her proven innovative methods to empower her audiences and clients to make life-changing positive professional and personal shifts. 

She is passionate about helping her audiences and clients with her step-by-step processes so they can release the struggle around negative patterns and beliefs, and effectively create long-lasting changes that help them pivot into a new level of awareness and achievement.  Plus, with her proven techniques, her clients and audiences easily align with their highest desires and become a magnet for what they want. 

Whether Shannon is speaking to a group of twenty or hundreds, she has a unique ability to deliver complex concepts in an easy to understand style, along with her straight forward and relatable approach.