Shahzad Ahmed he/him/his
I provide premium real estate education and coaching
Bestselling Author, Speaker, Wealth Coach & Mentor

Shahzad is a dynamic professional speaker, an international bestselling author, a wealth & success coach and a real estate investor. He has trained thousands of people on real estate investment-related courses and helped hundreds of families make their first passive income by investing in real estate. Shahzad talked the talk and walked the walk by investing himself in real estate in Canada and the USA.


Shahzad is the president of Elite Training Pros, a company designed to educate and help real estate investors. The company's primary focus is to help investors make profitable investments designed to bring in monthly positive cash flow and achieve their financial goals.


As a wealth & success coach, Shahzad helps individuals and families who want to create generational wealth by investing in real estate. His ultimate goal is to provide freedom for the families by providing them with a premium coaching program and access to exclusive cash-flowing investment opportunities that would create a consistent passive income for the rest of their lives.