Sarah Needham
Sarah Needham she/her/hers
I help Ambitious Tech Leaders & Businesses Design To Thrive!
BEng, CEng, PCC

Sarah is a leader & the voice for transforming technology to create a more sustainable future for life on earth! She believes that the businesses that will transform the corporate landscape in the next ten years will put inclusive leadership at the heart of innovative solutions!

Find out why now is the time for us all to step forward into the unique contribution we can make by standing strong in our values & leveraging our strengths to be the change we want to see in the world! Sarah is using her voice to challenge businesses to change & encourage leaders to find (or create) an environment that supports them to thrive.

Sarah is challenging us all that we can re-design anything in our lives at any time, but most of us just don't see these opportunities!

Do you see how you can redesign your career, your role, and your relationships to allow you to thrive?