Sarah Dumas she/her/hers
Empowering the Trajectory of Wealth in Heart-Centered Women

I am The Money Coach

Money has always been a thread throughout my life

But for years it was a tangled thread.

Wrapped around social conditioning, manipulation and standards that rubbed against the deepest truth of who I am.

So I decided to break that control it had over me. 

I walked away from multiple millions that would have tied down my soul.

I chose to MAKE money myself.  

What I realized was that making money is an inside out journey.

The reason I stand for the $100k woman is I decided to use one of those social standards for good.  

To UNLOCK the codes inside every woman that allows her to create a relationship with money that is as natural as the air she breathes.

You see, it’s not the finish line everyone thinks it is.  $100k is just the starting point.

It’s not the money, it's who she becomes.

It’s the unshakable truth she holds within that abundance is her birthright.

Regardless of your background or what society has told you.
I am the money coach because I am money…but so are you.