Sara Kelly
Sara Kelly
Empowerment and Confidence without Overwhelm

My name is Sara. I have studied mindfulness techniques for years. I initially created ADHD Mindset Mastery to help me find easy-to-implement tactics to understand how to stay present, get sh*t done, have a better short-term memory, and look at life through a more optimistic lens. Depression and anxiety kept me from achieving the state of inner peace and happiness that I so desired. The books I read and the programs I took were tough to implement because I could not just 'feel better' to manifest the life I knew I deserved to live.

I am a certified life and health coach. Two and a half years ago, I found out that I have ADHD, which is generational in my family. At the time, I had no idea that many people who have undiagnosed ADHD suffer from anxiety and depression. It is no wonder I found all of the coaching programs I have taken in the past to be ableist. Hustle culture and the "just try harder" rhetoric that floods our social media feed does not work for ADHDers. My philosophy is that there are two sides to the coin with ADHD. There is executive dysfunction on one side. Then there are the things that make us feel less than in the world because we do not always fit into the neurotypical lens. My mission is to help women who were diagnosed with ADHD in adulthood rewrite their stories authentically so that they can step into their power as a woman living with ADHD.


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