Samantha Louise she/her/hers
Leadership Cultivator

Samantha Louise is a leadership cultivator guiding girls and young women to become natural born leaders. She is an author, a Minnesota Teacher of the Year, and holds a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership. Her approach to leadership and learning offers hands-on experiences to develop selfhood for self-leadership, sisterhood for healthy relationships, and leaderhood to inspire change in the world around us. Every workshop, retreat, and lesson offered by Samantha incorporates whole person wellbeing, cultural mindbody science, and interfaith spiritual practices. Samantha has been featured on such popular podcasts as She’s Invincible, Influential Women, and The Rhonda Grant Show to discuss demasculinizing women, healing through vulnerable justice, and new perspectives on leadership. From a farm in rural America, Samantha is a small-town girl with a world-wide vision to transform leadership development and personal empowerment for next generation female leaders from every corner of the globe.