Sally Allen she/her/hers
Its never too late to start living resiliently!
ICF Certified Coach, John Maxwell Coach,

Sally Allen is an ICF Certified and John Maxwell Coach, Author, Podcaster, and Resilient speaker. Sally uses her story to help people believe in themselves and live empowered lives. Respected as a credible coach and leader, Sally earns a seat at the table wherever she serves. Her story is proof that women are resilient and can rise above anything that life throws at them. Sally believes that women have the power to charge ahead despite challenges, critics, and voices telling them that they cannot. 


Over the years, her excitement for empowering women led her to volunteer with many organizations, including a women's county jail in New Jersey, Purple Wings, Cupcake Girls, and currently Hoving Home and Refuge For Women.

 Sally's passion for helping others has led her around the globe to Peru, Ireland, and Mexico. She has also traveled multiple times to Cambodia to partner with a local organization, Agape International Ministries (AIM). AIM is focused on battling child trafficking.