Ruth Fogg
MSc Ruth Fogg
Positive solutions for peace of mind
MSc Counselling Psychology, Dip.Hypnotherapy, Teacher,


Ruth Fogg MSc - Stress Consultant .

Understand and manage your own stress! Ruth is a “stresspert” who empowers her clients by teaching self - help to eliminate stress and anxiety. She works with all ages and shares  the power of the subconscious mind. She is a therapist, a speaker, an educator and an author She has published fourteen books (some for children) on different aspects of stress and wellbeing.

Her background is in teaching and youth work, and she is an Honorary Fellow of Brunel University London. She is also a Fellow of The International Stress Management Association and  a member of The Professional Speakers Association. She wears hearing aids in both ears but is an excellent lipreader! For many years she believed that, because she was deaf, she was also daft, but when she got her MSc in Counselling Psychology, she was able to dispel the belief that held her back for many years.