Daniel Ruke he/him/his
“We’re the company that brings your IP to life"

“We’re the company that brings your intellectual property to life.”


I was sick of witnessing dream after dream die, so I decided, I’m giving it all away at no charge…Making money-grabbing “Gurus” irrelevant.


I started my agency 25+ years ago. My “generosity” passion was kicked off 17 years ago when I was introduced to this animal called “Entrepreneur” and fell in love with helping these ambitious individuals. I asked to jump into the Keynote space, teaching all over the world sharing our marketing techniques on how to build a “real” business. But the more I went to these events, the more I saw Entrepreneurs being sold things they didn’t even need and couldn’t afford, by “Gurus” who knew how to take money but not make money, and rarely practice what they preached.


That’s when I decided I’m going to be the one to give Entrepreneurs the truth, and I’m going to give it all away, no strings attached.


In 2020, our company embraced the technology of NFTs, giving away our agency formulas on the blockchain.


Today, the blink Team and I represent both small businesses and multi-million dollar companies as well as host 150+ events a year, empowering entrepreneurs to build businesses that honor their family, passions, and finances. 




I support all the beautiful colors of the rainbow and have created a safe place that celebrates everyone’s uniqueness. My pronouns are (He/Him)






He has worked with Intellectual Properties of:

Disney, Marvel, and Chico’s


I’ve been Helping Entrepreneurs Commercialize and Monetize their ideas for over 25 years…Building Real Companies, Allowing Their Dreams Flourish. 


My Entrepreneur Spirit has been Experienced on:

$WhaleShark, NFTs.TIPS, FOX NEWS, TEDx, Conscious Millionaire, Parent and Child, World Gaming Executives, University of Miami’s “The Launch Pad”, and


Has 10 Inventions and Received a Patent for:

“A System and Method for Providing a Multi-Players game Experience” in a physical space, bringing video games to life.


Has Successfully Launched:

200+ Product, Services and Brands Over the Last 23+ Years Under his Branding, Marketing and Sales Firm, blink.






• Privately Trained as an Artist Since the Third Grade


• I still have Every Star Wars Toy Since Childhood


• Married my Wife 3 Months After 1st Date...It’s been 26+ Years with 4 Daughters - One being Gender-Fluid :)


• Plays Video Games as a Family on a Daily Basis


• Started my First Company 25+ Years Ago and is Still Making Money With It Today


• Invented and Patented a Method for bringing Video Games to life


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