Rob Wherrett
Rob Wherrett
Delivering certainty while delivering change for SMEs
MBA CMC FRSA FInstLM Corporate Coach International

Rob Wherrett is the Founder of Rob Wherrett Coaching - the new way to approach managing business change!


He is a real expert on making major change happen and bringing creativity into the management of organisations. For many years he was a visiting Fellow on an MBA Programme teaching future business leaders how best to approach the management of Creativity, Innovation and Change.


One of the reasons for his success is his ability to blend leading edge theory and practice that works, together with his experience in delivering £billions in value to clients over a 25-year period. This has involved working with organisations of all sizes from central Government and multinationals right down to micro-businesses and across three continents.


He got fed up of seeing the same old problems resurfacing as businesses continue to evolve and change. So he set about developing a suite of approaches that anyone can adopt. This means throwing out traditional consulting as a hugely expensive way of getting where a business needs to be.  Instead he focuses on helping business leaders to understand how their teams can do it themselves. The result is a massive ROI and engages the workforce in delivering true transformational change.  He is also the author of Wynectics a truly amazing approach to creativity that never fails to deliver great ideas to solve the problems of the real business world.


In his career he’s been an adviser to UK Government, chaired a Small Business organisation, turned round failing businesses and launched several new ones. In addition he has international recognition as a coach and management consultant. As a practitioner he had a massively superior success rate in getting major projects to deliver on time and budget and now helps business leaders do the same.


His focus is working with small and medium-size established businesses globally. With a very broad business experience his (often amusing) stories of what goes right and what goes badly reflect on the real world and what can happen and how to control it.


More about Rob: 30+ years of study of effective management techniques including Creative Problem Solving, effective Business Planning and holistic Program Governance. Formerly Head of Marketing for a major life assurance company. Fellow of the Institute of Leadership & Management. Former assessor for the Institute of Consulting - where he accredited management consultants against international benchmarks. Writer, mentor and entrepreneur. Loves fine food and wine (once wrote an online food column). Enjoys classical music and the countryside. A best-selling author and established speaker.


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How to Make Your Business Transformation Work First Time

Why settle for 25% success in running change when you can get closer to 80% ?  (Nobody's perfect!)

The key steps and stages you need to understand and implement to make sure that you don't do what everyone else does because that results in less than 25% success rate.  It's aimed at leaders of established businesses who are wanting to change the way they operate or are looking to introduce big changes in other directions.

I share tips, techniques and real-life examples of how to be really successful at designing and implementing major business change initiatives PLUS some examples of what NOT to do!

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